January 2002 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 33 No. 1

January 2002 Monitor cover

Psychology around the world

Students in a science lab


Alan Leshner is new CEO of AAAS

The former NIDA director plans to increase the visibility of science through public education.

Thwarting terrorism

Linking psychology's expertise with the nation's policy-makers is a top goal of an APA subcommittee on terrorism.

On alert at the Olympics

APA's Disaster Response Network is collaborating with a host of organizations to be ready at the Salt Lake City Olympics.

Guidance in treating ADHD

American Academy of Pediatrics releases recommendations for physicians treating ADHD.

Psychology in high places

Meet three psychologists who have President Bush's ear on improving education, child welfare and services for people with disabilities.

At the frontier of science

Social cognitive neuroscience merges three distinct disciplines in hopes of deciphering the process behind social behavior.

Kay Redfield Jamison receives $500,000 'genius award'

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation recognizes a psychologist for her fresh ideas.

A sine of the times

Richard M. Shiffrin receives the $100,000 Rumelhart Award for creating math-based models of cognitive processes.

Better Medicare

Recent federal mandates allow psychologists and the general public to comment on Medicare policies.

Bucking the system

A Massachusetts psychologist's legal challenge against Medicare makes progress.

Reconceptualizing health care

APA's work will guide health-care professionals in using a new system for classifying human functioning.

Responding to America's changing demographics

APA leaders discussed how psychology can meet the needs of an increasingly diverse population.

An advance for integrative medicine

Susan Folkman--one of three psychologists in top slots at UCSF--brings her collaborative style to her new position directing the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine.


An unparalleled year

Psychology achieves significant success in the public policy arena, in large part due to the efforts of APA members.


A new assignment for psychologists

Conference participants said psychology has been too often absent from America's schools. Their advice: Go to class, take notes and then bring on the interventions.

Preserving unity, urging diversity

Conference participants brainstormed ways psychology can ensure quality and consistency in education and training, without squelching innovation.