Anne E. Kazak, PhD, plans to reflect the transformation in today's families as she picks up the reins of the Journal of Family Psychology. Kazak, who has extensive experience in the area of family psychology, greets her new role with enthusiasm and hopes to attract a wide range of papers to the journal.

"I'd like to see a continuation of the growth of manuscripts on the diversity of families," says Kazak, director of the department of psychology at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and professor and director of psychology research in the department of pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania.

Kazak has also outlined five broad areas she will seek to cover in the journal, including health and illness, development and transition, intervention and prevention, practice and professional issues, and diversity and culture. "I am interested in families and health in the broadest realm possible," Kazak says.

She also seeks to make the journal's manuscripts more cross-disciplinary. "The family field in general is very multidisciplinary, and psychology is just one of several fields that have contributed in this area," Kazak adds. "I'm hoping the journal reflects the work of people from disciplines other than psychology."

She notes, however, that these areas are not meant to be exclusionary. "These are just some of the areas in which I hope the journal can continue to grow," she says. Kazak says her main hope is for the journal to continue being the primary outlet for publishing research on families, and that the focus would remain on empirical papers concerning the broad areas within family psychology.

The editor role is nothing new for Kazak. She served as editor of the Journal of Pediatric Psychology for five years. She has served on various editorial boards, including those for the Journal of Family Psychology and Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. She has published more than 70 journal articles and, in 2000, she was honored by APA for her significant contribution to family psychology. In 2002, she was the recipient of the Logan Wright Award.

Kazak looks forward to helping further family psychology research even more. "The Journal of Family Psychology is a very well-respected journal and publishes wonderful papers," Kazak says. "It will be a real privilege to be able to step in as editor to an already well-published journal."

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Effective Jan. 1, authors may submit manuscripts electronically to Kazak viawww.apa.org/journals/fam.html.