January 2004 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 35 No. 1

January 2004 Monitor cover

Battling obesity

Panda eating bamboo


Understanding the giant panda

By learning more about panda behavior, psychologists hope to gain insights that could help save the species.

APA initiative connects genetics and psychology

A science working group's recommendations have led to plans to further psychologists' knowledge of and involvement in genetics research.

California psychologists prepare for hospital-privileges battle

Public sector psychologists are attempting to force proper implementation of a law that gives psychologists full responsibility for patient care in state hospitals.

Protecting practitioners' autonomy

APA stands up to Oxford Health Plans over audits of psychologists' records--and gets results.

A new way of looking at health status

APA is leading the effort to create a guide for health professionals' use of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health.

Solutions to resolution dilution

New Year's resolutions provide an opportunity for psychologists to study self-initiated behavior change and glean effective strategies for positive change at any time of the year.

Three decades at the top

The Smithsonian Institution honored the Stanford University psychology department for its longstanding contributions.

Expanding geropsychology training

Seven geropsychology programs secure $1.2 million in federal funding.

A home for Indian country psychologists

Prescription privileges, loan-repayment options and more visibility are among the priorities for an up-and-coming section of Div. 18.

Gil on laptop in front of a building


A story of successful advocacy

How a handful of APA members have raised awareness in Congress about the mental and behavioral health needs of students on college campuses.