Annette La Greca, PhD, says APA's Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology (JCCP) must "reflect good science and good practice." Journal articles should translate research into practice, without losing sight of empirical focus, she explains.

JCCP, notes La Greca, professor of psychology and pediatrics and director of clinical training at the University of Miami, has long been an important resource for both clinicians and researchers.

"Clinical psychology is an extraordinarily diverse field, encompassing populations that span a broad developmental range and that include diverse types of problems and pathologies, theoretical orientations...and systems of influence," she says. As editor, she aims to maintain JCCP's high-quality, educational function by ensuring that the many facets of the field are represented in the journal and that each article includes relevant discussion of a study's clinical implications.

She sees her editorship as a three-part role: leader, decision-maker and communicator. As a leader, she intends to identify timely, important and underrepresented topics to highlight in special sections or issues of JCCP. For example, some topics could include:

  • Mindfulness.

  • Positive psychology.

  • Innovations in evidence-based treatment.

  • Prevention of mental illness in children and adults.

La Greca says she especially likes topics that cut across diverse populations, such as children, adolescents and adults, and has already begun to envision how she will showcase these topics. "I might organize articles in themes or special sections," she explains. "And whenever possible, I'd like to have commentary about the articles."

As a decision-maker, La Greca says she'll be practical, fair and efficient. "I don't see the job of editor as simply tallying the votes of the reviews in arriving at a decision," she says. "Rather, I consider the reviewers to be highly valued consultants who assist the editor in seeing the strengths and weaknesses of a particular paper and its placement in the field." And in her role as a communicator, she'll work with authors to remedy problems in manuscripts, and she'll be in close contact with her "editorial team"--associate editors and members of the editorial board.

Diversity--in the topics covered in JCCP and the backgrounds of writers, editors and board members--is also important to La Greca. "I want to pay more attention to issues of diversity in the journal--by way of articles, special sections and by having authors include more detailed descriptions of their study samples," she explains.

She says she'll be vigilant in recognizing journal authors who represent diverse backgrounds and will invite them to participate in the review process. The same goes for the editorial board.

"To keep editorial judgment from being biased and against certain types of work or points of view requires that the editorial board include and use people with diverse backgrounds," she notes.

Her own interests, she notes, are diverse. Though her primary research has been in clinical child and pediatric health psychology, she has explored a breadth of topics within those areas, such as peer relations, chronic disease, health risk behaviors and preventive interventions.

All in all, says La Greca, she hopes to "continue the tradition of excellence and increase the readability of the journal."

Further Reading

La Greca began receiving manuscripts Jan. 1. Papers must be submitted through the journal's electronic portal at www.apa.org/journals/ccp.html.