Despite the job-hopping frenzy of the late 1990s, APA over the years has attracted employees who turn a first job at APA into a longtime career. Indeed, 131 of its current employees have worked at APA for 10 years or more. Longtime employees say their loyalty stems from the way APA embraces diversity, encourages creative thinking and promotes staff development, among other things.

"Without the incredibly dedicated staff at APA, none of many wonderful things we do would be possible," says APA CEO Norman B. Anderson, PhD, who has made enhancing staff well-being one of his priorities. "We are lucky to have so many talented long-term employees who have decided to make their careers with APA, because this type of continuity increases our ability to provide outstanding service to our members."

Meet four longtime APA staff who are marking their 25- or 35-year anniversaries in 2005--and working for you.

Marlene Gill
Technical production editor, Journals

Start date: November 1980
Her career:
Gill started her APA career working in PsycINFO production services, then moved on to the journals department as a technical production editor, where she has since readied the journal Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books for publication by copyediting, checking facts, references and APA style, and collaborating with the book reviewers, journal editor's office staff and vendors.

Her latest challenge: Gill's work has moved entirely online as the journal went from a bimonthly print publication to the online weekly database PsycCRITIQUES (see December Monitor) in September. Gill learned online editing and other computer-based programs to prepare for the switch.

Her job highlight: "I love talking to the reviewers of the books," says Gill. "I have made a point to learn about them and get to know many of them...It makes me a happier employee when I know I have given reviewers quality attention, and their response has been super."

Marion Harrell
PsycINFO support manager

Start date: April 1980
Her career:
Harrell has worked for PsycINFO during her entire APA career, working first in production services on tasks such as proofreading and bibliographic entry--and training new staff. She then moved on to "coverage," the arm of PsycINFO that culls psychology-related articles from thousands of journals, including nonpsychology journals such as Nature. After that, she led one of the four PsycINFO teams as the department reorganized and began cross-training its staff to maximize efficiency.

Her latest challenge: Harrell supervises the support staff in the PsycINFO director's office. Her job includes troubleshooting PsycINFO-related member requests and supervising APA's Permissions Office, which handles requests for reuse or publication of APA copyrighted material, registers APA copyrights and trademarks new APA products. She is also the staff liaison to the Electronic Resources Advisory Committee of the Publications and Communications Board.

Her job highlight: "APA has always accepted and been interested in creative-thinking and creative problem-solving, and that's something I really like," says Harrell.

Pat Miyamoto
Director of membership and publishing services, Public and Member Communications

Start date: June 1980
His career:
Miyamoto has sampled the breadth of APA by working in advertising, public relations, publications and, for the last 15 years, in membership services. Currently, he oversees APA's membership and publishing services program, which gathers and maintains membership directory information, coordinates member benefits and services and tracks dues, fees and subscriptions information. He also supervises the Service Center, which fulfills members' requests for APA's books, journals, and other publications and services. Miyamoto attends customer service industry meetings to help his staff stay competitive with other trade organizations and companies.

His latest challenge: This winter, Miyamoto's shop is testing a new electronic system that will eventually allow members to create tailored electronic "profiles" of topics they are interested in. The goal is for members to tap APA information and publications they may not otherwise receive based on their career path or membership profile, he says. "We are trying to make APA information more accessible by the members' definition of what they are interested in, not how we would categorize them," he explains.

His job highlight: "APA generates information on behalf of people who are doing very useful things for our society, and that makes my job very meaningful to me," Miyamoto says.

Barbara Young
PsycINFO operations coordinator

Start date: April 1970
Her career:
Young's first APA job was readying the now-defunct journal Psychological Abstracts for publication using the old-fashioned cut-and-paste technique. Since then, Young--who answers the phone with a cheery "PsycINFO, good morning!"--has worked throughout PsycINFO production services. Young now is part of the coverage team that collects and recruits psychological periodicals and books for possible inclusion in PsycINFO.

Her latest challenge: Young plans to retire in three years, but doesn't intend to rest on her laurels. She is completing a bachelor's in business management so she can work part-time to help the elderly prepare health-care paperwork and connect them with community and social services they need.

"So many people take advantage of our elderly...I want to make sure they have the right benefits and are in touch with the right programs," she says.

Her job highlight: Young says she appreciates the "openness and honesty of upper management," as well as APA's promotion of staff self-development.