In an effort that complements the D-GPE program, APA Past-president Gerry Koocher, PhD, formed a Presidential Task Force on Military Deployment Services in Youth, Families and Service Members. The group will focus on identifying the psychological needs of military family members and develop a strategic plan for working with the military and other existing institutions to meet those needs.

The 10 members of the task force first met in November. It is chaired by Shannon Johnson, PhD, stationed at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego. The group aims to produce a report of its findings and recommendations by February 2008. Task force member Maj. Vicki Ingram, PsyD, who helped develop D-GPE, says "there is an increased demand for service providers for military personnel and families and not enough providers to meet this need, particularly in rural communities."

The task force's findings will be instrumental, she believes, in supplying well-trained providers who know how to meet the needs of military personnel and families.

Besides Johnson, task force members include Jeanne Swickard Hoffman, PhD, Col. Larry James PhD, Maj. Vicki Ingram, PsyD, John Lochman, PhD, Capt. Thomas McGee, PhD, David Riggs, PhD, Patti Johnson, PhD, and Jessica Henderson Daniels, PhD, of APA's Board of Directors.

-S. Gaiber-Matlin