In 2006, APA's Council of Representatives voted to establish a Committee on Socioeconomic Status. The six-member committee reports to APA's Board of Directors and Council of Representatives through the Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest.

In response, APA's Public Interest Directorate has created an Office on Socioeconomic Status, which was launched in June 2007. The office's priority goal is to develop and facilitate relationships and activities to advance psychology as a major force in research, policy and advocacy related to socioeconomic status.

In addition to supporting activities of the committee, the office collects and disseminates information about the ways socioeconomic status affects people. The office also promotes the scientific understanding of the roles of poverty and socioeconomic status play in health, education and human welfare. In addition, the office supports advocacy to address disparities based on socioeconomic status and related issues.

Further Reading

For more information, visit the Office on Socioeconomic Status or contact the office at (202) 216-7601.