APA Board of Directors will host a Leadership Breakfast on Friday, Aug. 4 during APA's 2000 Annual Convention. The invitation-only event, designed to continue the dialogue begun at a similar breakfast in San Francisco, will focus on psychology's responses to public health needs.

The co-chairs of the breakfast, Board of Director members, Norine Johnson, PhD, Bruce Overmier, PhD, and Ruth Paige, PhD, will bring together leaders from APA's multiconstituency groups to each add their experience and expertise to addressing real world health challenges.

The breakfast will be structured so that each "table" will be given a public health problem as identified by the Surgeon General's Report Healthy People 2010 and be asked to strategize about what psychology can do to solve these problems. The goal of the breakfast is to not only add psychology's voice and expertise to public health needs but also to create dialogue and shared learning experience between practitioners, scientists and psychology educators.