On May 4-6, APA's science policy staff conducted its 10th Science Advocacy Training Workshop, attended by 11 researchers whose work has been done in elementary and secondary schools: Patricia Alexander, PhD, University of Maryland; Gwyn Boodoo, PhD, Educational Testing Services; Ronald Brown, PhD, Medical University of South Carolina; Jenifer Cartland, PhD, Children's Memorial Medical Center, Chicago; Kevin Chen, PhD, University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey; Susanne A. Denham, PhD, George Mason University; Constance Flanagan, PhD, Pennsylvania State University; Linn Goldberg, PhD, Oregon Health & Science University; Deborah Land, PhD, Johns Hopkins University; John Schulenberg, PhD, University of Michigan; Edward Seidman, New York University; Thomas Wills, PhD, Yeshiva University-Albert Einstein School of Medicine.

Participants discussed how to establish positive working relationships with local school boards and administrators, and drafted documents to help facilitate school-based research at the local level.