In the listing of the 2004 APA Annual Convention award winners (May Monitor), Miki Paul, PhD, should have been listed as a private practitioner in Tucson, Ariz. She is a former member of the Tucson/Pima County Domestic Violence Commission. Edward Taub, PhD, should have been listed as a university professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a member of its psychology department. The photo of Elena L. Grigorenko, recipient of the Award for Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contribution to Psychology (Developmental), was omitted. Her photo is at left.

In the June article "Instruction versus exploration in science learning," researcher Eva Erdosne Toth, PhD, was misidentified as Anne Fay, PhD, on page 35.

An article in the May issue--"ADHD may be moderated by mom's love"--reported that the study appeared in the Journal of Counseling and Clinical Psychology when the journal is in fact the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.

In the State Leadership Conference photo collage, "Capitol Hill welcomes psychologists" (May Monitor), Rep. Shelly Moore (D-W.V.) and Jimelle Rumberg were misidentified. Rumberg is on the far right and Moore is on her left.

The complete listing for the Psychopharmacology Institute was left out of the June article "Prescription training around the nation." It is: The Psychopharmacology Institute, 4545 South 86th St., Lincoln, NE 68526; (402) 483-6990 or (888) 210-8064; Web site:; contact: Matthew B.R. Nessetti, PhD.