According to psychologist Michael Burke, PhD, of Tulane University in New Orleans, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology's teaching institutes support its overall goal of increasing minority representation in I/O through these specific goals:

  • Convey SIOP's support of diversity within the field to faculty teaching psychology at minority-serving institutions.

  • Provide an opportunity for faculty at minority-serving institutions to gain or refresh their knowledge of I/O psychology.

  • Gain insight and recommendations from faculty working at minority-serving institutions regarding how to best attract and recruit ethnic-minority students into the field.

  • Develop materials to help students prepare and apply for graduate study in I/O psychology.

  • Develop networks among I/O graduate faculty, I/O practitioners and faculty at minority-serving institutions in order to facilitate attracting and recruiting ethnic minorities to the field of I/O.

  • Increase the visibility of the diversity-related I/O psychology research and practice to faculty and students affiliated with minority-serving institutions.