Between 1996 and 2001, APA and NIOSH formed a cooperative agreement that provided seed money to fund 11 graduate programs in occupational health psychology. NIOSH has since provided training grants for more sustained support to two programs--the University of Connecticut and Portland State University (it received both APA-NIOSH seed money and a NIOSH grant)--after the agreement with APA expired in 2002.

Here are the original 11 OHP programs funded through the agreement and the years they were founded:

Bowling Green State University-----(1997)

Kansas State University-----(1997)

University of Minnesota-----(1997)

Clemson University-----(1998)

Tulane University-----(1998)

University of Houston-----(1998)

Portland State University-----(1999)

University of California, Los Angeles-----(1999)

Colorado State University-----(2000)

University of South Florida-----(2000)

University of Texas at Austin-----(2000)