July/August 2005 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 36 No. 7

July/August 2005 Monitor cover

Fighting phobias

  • When health fears hurt health

    Some people neglect their health because of phobias about dentists, needles, diseases and germs. But psychological interventions show promise in treating such fears.

  • A virtual cure

    Psychologists are using virtual reality in combination with cognitive-behavioral therapy as a tool to help people overcome phobias.

  • Fighting children's fears, fast

    Researchers at Virginia Tech are helping children tackle their phobias in a single action-packed session.

  • Stemming social phobia

    Psychologist Richard Heimberg seeks to improve the staying power of social phobia treatments by combining therapy with medication.

  • Figuring out phobia

    Researchers are using neuroimaging techniques to delve into the neurobiological underpinnings of phobias, with a view to improving treatments.

Strong bicep


The power of potent steroids

Hamster research raises new questions about whether the commonly abused drugs may be addictive.

A rock with "Trust" engraved on it


On being an ethical psychologist

Being mindful of the values that inform our clinical work, even--and especially--when those values compete with one another, represents an approach to the ethical practice of psychology.

Eye glass laying beside a laptop


Mixing psychology and public policy

APA's Congressional Fellowship Program is helping five psychologists learn the ropes of Capitol Hill.

I/O psychologists get wired

Presenters explored the possibilities--and limitations--of new assessment technology at the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology conference.

Spreading the word

Psychologists Jana Martin, Nancy Molitor and others are working hard to 'make psychology a household word.'

Considering the half-time internship

A recent conference focused on funding and quality-assurance for half-time internships.

Attracting minority students early

Psychology faculty and undergraduates reach out to minority high school students.

Publicizing diabetes' behavioral impact

As incoming president of the American Diabetes Association, Richard Rubin plans to emphasize diabetes' emotional side.

A two-front war on alcoholism

As both a university-based researcher and a National Institutes of Health official, psychologist Mark Goldman seeks to stem alcohol abuse.

Taking on policy

Two psychologists bring their behavioral background to public health policy issues at the IOM.

Culturally competent care

Clinical psychologist Lisa Kaneshiro helps fellow Hawaiians lead healthier lives.

Lifelong collaborator takes leadership role

Psychologist O'Neal Walker brings military and government experience to the Department of Health and Human Services.

The protector

Through his work promoting public health, the CDC's David Sleet emphasizes psychologists' contributions to injury prevention.

Gearing up to respond

Psychologists participated with the Red Cross in a large-scale terrorism drill.

Oversight granted

Long-standing efforts to establish psychologists' right to oversee patient care in California state hospitals result in new regulations and patient benefits.

Buck evaluation anxiety

Training directors offer students tips on what to expect in internship evaluations.

Facing your new supervisor

Experts and students share advice on preparing for and adjusting to a new supervisor on practicum and internship.

Prepare for practicum

Students and faculty members suggest strategies for avoiding potential practicum pitfalls.

Going against the grain

Graduate student Tiago Maia's research challenges a popular decision-making theory.

A Closer Look


The call of the wild

The conservation psychology arm of Div. 34 is calling for all psychologists to use their skills and training to protect the natural world.

Stethoscope with heart monitor results


Including behavior in health-disparities legislation

APA is heading a national coalition to address behavioral health concerns--and access to care--in public health.




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