June 2000 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 31 No. 6

June 2000 Monitor cover

Highlights from the APA Annual Convention


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Put those first paychecks to work

Financial planners advise new professionals on how to manage debt and map a secure financial future.

Teaching students how to learn

College students often struggle to find effective learning strategies. But professors can help.

Victories for parity

More states institute parity for all mental health diagnoses.

Art for inspiration

A new exhibit at APA showcases the creative talents of people with serious mental illnesses.

Family ties: Psychologists unite in support of their gay relatives

New group hopes to reduce discrimination and foster greater acceptance.

Easing children's psychological distress in the emergency room

A new study will gather data on children's needs in hospital emergency departments.

Treatment guidelines: sorting fact from fiction

In today's era of evidence-based medicine and cost-containment, treatment guidelines are multiplying--as are questions about their usefulness.

Why every private practitioner needs a business plan

A blueprint can help you monitor your practice's health and make your dreams reality.

More psychologists in the trenches

Under a new military directive, mental health professionals' work gains prominence.

Behavioral research in the U.S. Navy undergoes a sea of change

A new emphasis on manpower and personnel has reinvigorated the Navy's behavioral and social sciences research.

Making a difference through research

Psychologist John Coie has used a solid foundation of basic research to help prevent serious mental health problems in children.

Behind the scenes on Capitol Hill

From improving education to addressing the AIDS epidemic in Africa, APA's Congressional Fellows are making a difference on Capitol Hill.


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