There is no recommended daily limit for caffeine consumption among children. However, an FDA panel found that among adults, caffeine is safe as a stimulant at doses of 100 to 200 mg. Below is the caffeine content of today's most popular beverages.

12 oz. cup of Starbucks Coffee----190 mg

12 oz. Starbucks blended Frappuccino----190 mg

8 oz. General Foods International Swiss Mocha Coffee----55 mg

8 oz. hot chocolate----5 mg

8 oz. leaf or bag tea----50 mg

16 oz. Snapple Iced Tea----42 mg

12 oz. Jolt Cola----72 mg

12 oz. Mountain Dew----55.5 mg

12 oz. Coca-Cola Classic----34.5 mg

12 oz. Diet Coke----46.5 mg

12 oz. regular or diet Dr. Pepper----42 mg

12 oz. Sunkist Orange soda----42 mg

12 oz. Pepsi-Cola----37.5 mg

12 oz. Barqs Root Beer----22.5 mg

7.5 oz. Red Bull energy drinkapprox.----60 mg

16.9 oz. Water Joe caffeinated water----60 mg

8 oz. Haagen Dazs Coffee Ice Cream----58 mg

8 oz. Dannon Coffee Yogurt----45 mg

1.5 oz. Hershey Bar----10 mg

SOURCE: The Starbucks Corporation and the Center for Science in the Public Interest.