June 2002 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 33 No. 6

June 2002 Monitor cover

The Mind-Body Connection

3D blocks


Figure this: deciding what's figure, what's ground

New research shows that what falls below the horizon line in ambiguous displays is most often seen as 'the figure.'

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Struggling to build a practice Russian psychology fights to bring psychotherapy to a needy but wary public.

Can psychology help a church in crisis?

A small group of psychologists says yes, asserting that psychology's science and practice can be part of the solution.

Where are recent grads getting jobs?

Data show that higher education and human service jobs are still the leading career paths- and that networking is key in landing a job.

Good news for bachelor's grads

Psychology training opens doors for recent graduates.

More students blend business and psychology

The master's in I/O psychology enjoys steady growth, thanks to its reputation as a practical, applicable degree.

Debating the doctorate's future: education or vocational training?

The doctorate's market sensitivity continues to be a source of tension in graduate education.

Career rotations

Behavioral scientists are energizing their careers with stints as rotators at the National Science Foundation.

A psychological force behind the force

Five psychologists show how mental health professionals and police departments can successfully partner.

Improving the tools to fight terrorism

Social scientists met with police, FBI and other government officials to discuss how their research can help law enforcement counter future terrorist actions.

Psychology as a 'comprehensive health profession'

APA is working to increase recognition of psychology as a health discipline.

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Federal special education program now under review

APA is working to protect several provisions that are important to psychology.