In Brief

This month's Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology (Vol. 70, No. 3) highlights how the fields of behavioral medicine and clinical health psychology have grown over the last decade and explores the challenges ahead.

The issue takes a look at vital areas in behavioral medicine and clinical health psychology, including smoking-cessation, obesity, psychoneuroimmunology, coronary disease, hypertension, diabetes, HIV/AIDS prevention, arthritis, chronic pain, end-stage renal disease, women's reproductive health, organ transplants, genetic testing, emotional disorders, somataform disorders, adolescent health and aging.

"With steadily increasing sophistication, the evidence continues to mount that behavioral factors play a key role in the development and course of nearly all major diseases and disorders, as does evidence that a wide variety of behavioral interventions produce useful changes in the risk, impact and course of diseases," write issue editors Timothy W. Smith, PhD, Philip Kendall, PhD, and Francis J. Keefe, PhD.

The journal also includes a review by Keith E. Whitfield, PhD, and colleagues on the need for behavioral medicine research to include diverse participants and investigate how sociodemographic variables relate to patterns of health and disease, as well as an overview by Robert M. Kaplan, PhD, and Erik J. Groessl, PhD, of the need for interventions that are both successful and cost effective.