In setting students on the path to career success, psychology professor Drew Appleby, PhD, advises them to follow these philosophies:

  • Know thyself. As Socrates suggested more than 2,000 ago, conduct a serious self-examination to determine your skills, characteristics, goals and values.

  • To thine own self be true. As Polonius advised Laertes in the second act of Shakespeare's Hamlet, determine what you'd like to become based on what you know about yourself. Make an action plan to reach that goal.

  • Just do it. As directed by Nike, the Greek goddess of victory (speaking through her 21st century corporate namesake), put your plan into action.

At least one of Appleby's students at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis is following his formula to a T. Senior Brooke Love, 24, knows she wants to work with emotionally disturbed children and adults, so she's pursuing a job at the nonprofit disabilities support organization, Noble of Indiana.

Next she plans to earn her master's in counseling or social work, with a view to working with women who have eating disorders at Remuda Ranch in Wickenburg, Ariz. "That's my long-term goal," she says. "And I'm going to make it happen." Polonius would be proud.