The names of six initial signatories to a letter to the editor ("On the convention survey," May Monitor) were omitted. They are: Ron Fox, PhD, Arthur Kovacs, PhD, Harry Levinson, PhD, Sam Levinson, PhD, Jack Wiggins, PhD, and Ron Wynne, PhD.

The article "Preparing for the 'minority majority'" (April Monitor ) should have stated that APA Div. 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology) co-hosted the 2003 National Multicultural Conference and Summit along with Divs. 35 (Society for the Psychology of Women), 44 (Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Issues) and 45 (Society for Psychological Study of Ethnic Minority Issues). The ceremony celebrating the adoption of APA's Multicultural Guidelines was led by Linda Forrest, PhD, representing Div. 17, and Thomas Parham, PhD, representing Div. 45. Also, the article should have noted that Kip Fulbeck substituted for Amy Hill as a keynote speaker.