June 2005 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 36 No. 6

June 2005 Monitor cover

Helping men to help themselves

Woman with hand over mouth yawning


Sleepy heads

A pilot Air Force study finds individual differences in how brains respond when tired.

"Wrong Way" street sign


Thinking ethically as psychologists: Reflections on Ethical Standards 2.01, 3.07, 9.08 and 10.04

Having a unique set of ethics for psychology affects both our training and how we apply our Ethics Code.

Putting money in piggy bank


Finding a funding fit

Three psychologists garner off-the-beaten track research support.

Anger on the road

A psychologist presented research at the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association conference on the characteristics of angry drivers and what can be done to make the roads safer.

Intelligence, sugar and the car-lot hustle headline WPA meeting

Psychologists discussed sugar addiction, intelligence and culture, and the psychology of used car sales--among other topics--at this year's Western Psychological Association meeting.

A singular commitment

Psychologists involved in the Children's Psychotherapy Project agree to treat a foster child pro bono for as long as it takes--giving the child a stable adult presence and needed therapy.

Breaking a cycle of maltreatment

Psychologists and clinicians are working with a Miami-Dade County juvenile dependency court judge to help troubled mothers care for their own children.

Bridging the great divide

A new Utah Psychological Association initiative helps residents and member psychologists alike appreciate and overcome religious differences.

Taking psychology to the people

A New York hospital's new integrated program shows how psychologists working alongside pediatricians can benefit the local community.

Psychologists in paradise

Two psychologists have carved out a career niche consulting in the Virgin Islands.

Generational differences at work

A psychologist studies ways to help traditionalists, baby boomers, gen Xers and millennials work better together, despite their generational differences.

A Closer Look


Looking to diversify

Faculty at a Div. 14-sponsored outreach program brainstorm how to attract more minority students to I/O psychology.

Glass chess pieces


Steps to realize a mission

APA's education public policy officers get back to basics in fulfilling their charge to promote psychology.