June 2006 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 37 No. 6

June 2006 Monitor cover

Funny but true

  • The formula for funny

    Research suggests that the critical ingredient for a chuckle is incongruity. But if you can also point to some unspoken truth, you'll hit humor gold.

  • A laughing matter

    Psychologists are finding that the ancient roots of laughter predate the idea of “funny”.

  • The chuckle connection

    Research suggests that humor may play a crucial role in building group rapport, finding a mate and more.

  • How laughing leads to learning

    Research suggests that humor produces psychological and physiological benefits that help students learn.

  • The anatomy of funny

    Psychologists using brain imaging are finding that the brain's reward circuit may be the seat of humor appreciation.

string tied around a finger


On the other hand, maybe I do remember…

Mixed-handed people may be better able to remember early childhood memories than strong righties, according to new research.

Putting a penny in a piggy bank


The discipline of ethics and the prohibition against becoming sexually involved with patients

The discipline of ethics entails giving reasons, which can be a valuable exercise in regard to even the most fundamental of our ethical standards.

Hand held stop watch


Taking it 20 minutes at a time

A lab-based insight--that focusing on time goals can reduce pain--helps chronic pain patients reclaim their lives.

It takes a community

School psychologists are linking parents with community resources to head off mental illness in children and adolescents.

Lowered expectations

At the Southwestern Psychological Association Annual Convention, Joshua Aronson suggested ways to counteract the harmful affects of stereotypes about minorities' intellectual abilities.

New needs in New Orleans schools

School psychologists help Katrina-evacuated children express their feelings and tell their stories.

Prevention as intervention

Through CDC-funded programs, psychologists are teaching parents strategies to avoid physical child abuse.

RxP legislation made historic progress in Hawaii

A bill authorizing prescriptive authority for psychologists was approved by the House but held back by a Senate committee.

Psychologists and psychotropic medication

This new Monitor series offers readers news and information about psychotropic medications their clients may take.

HIPAA Enforcement Rule issued

Feds seek compliance, but fines are possible for practitioners who don't protect information.

Still a system in need of repairs

A national forum focused on the state of mental health care three years after the President's New Freedom Commission report.

Name that tune

Findings on how people identify familiar songs may lend insight into the workings of musical memory.

Emerging adults: The in-between age

A new book makes the case for a phase of development between adolescence and adulthood.

A Closer Look


Passing along wisdom

Div. 54's formal mentoring program creates relationships between pediatric psychologists at any career stage.

Elderly women playing scrabble


An aging America

Psychologists are assisting policy-makers in meeting the needs of older Americans.