June 2007 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 38 No. 6
June 2007 Monitor cover

On the Cover:
Inside the mind of a juror

  • Order in the court

    The best way to educate juries on the pitfalls of eyewitness evidence? Teach judges, say psychologists.

  • To ask or not to ask

    The practice of allowing juror questions gains momentum.

  • The problem with DNA

    Forensic evidence increasingly includes genetic fingerprinting, but researchers worry that juries may put too much stock in the results.

Hard marshmallows


All puffed up

People inflate the difficulty of achieving a goal after attaining it, possibly to improve their self-esteem.

Typewriter keys


Letter to a state psychological association: On the value of becoming a member

Membership in the professional community of psychologists brings important benefits, among which are ethics programs that offer education and consultation and that appropriately respond to behaviors that harm the public.

Clock mechanics


Can rats reminisce?

Researchers are investigating whether animals have personal memories. So far, scrub jays and rodents are showing up apes.

Of mind and matter: Understanding consciousness

A recent APA-sponsored gathering explored questions of coma, consciousness and the brain.

A long road back

With so many service members affected by traumatic brain injuries, neuropsychologists are ramping up diagnosis and treatment.

Cooperating for kids' sake

An APA-designed pilot program suggests family education is key to resolving child-custody disputes.

A prescription for exercise

Three psychologists move clients and colleagues off the couch and onto the walking trail.

From campus to corporation

A Chicago School of Professional Psychology program trains psychologists to increase business leaders' emotional intelligence skills.

The changing gender composition of psychology

As times change, the field must stay diverse, say psychologists.

The taming of the clue

One psychologist uses the tools of industrial/organizational psychology to help keep order in the crime lab.

Young girl erasing her paper


Reauthorizing No Child Left Behind

With members' guidance, APA recommends improvements to Congress.