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As imaging becomes increasingly important to understanding the brain, related research opportunities are growing for psychologists. Among the funding organizations and agencies that support basic and applied brain-imaging research on learning disability and other aspects of learning and cognition are:

National Institute on Child Health and Human Development

Program: "Learning Disabilities: Multidisciplinary Research Centers."

Contact: Reid Lyon, (301) 496-9849.

Program: "Neuroimaging and Attention and ADHD."

Contact: Lisa Freund, (301) 435-6879.

Program: "Neuroimaging and Autism."

Contact: Marie Bristol-Power, (302) 402-1822.

Web site.

National Institute of Mental Health

Program: "Behavioral Science Research."

Contact: Mary Ellen Oliveri, (301) 443-9400.

Program: "Behavioral and Integrative Neuroscience Research."

Contact: Kevin J. Quinn, (301) 443-1576.

Program: "Disruptive Behavioral/ADD."

Contact: Farris Tuma, (301)-443-5944.

Web site.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Program: "Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience."

Contact: Cheryl Kitt, (301) 496-9964.

Program: "Developmental & Neurodegenerative Disorders."

Contact: Giovanna Spinella, (301) 496-5821.

Web site.

National Science Foundation

Program: "Human Cognition and Perception," "Cognitive Neuroscience," "Social Psychology" and "Child Learning and Development" in the Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences.

Contact: Rodney Cocking, (703) 306-1732, Steven Breckler, (703) 306-1728, Diane Scott-Jones, (703) 306-1732.

Web site.

Program: "Research on Learning and Education" in the Directorate for Education and Human Resources.

Contact: Nora Sabelli, (703) 306-1650, or Elizabeth VanderPutten, (703) 306-1650.

Web site.

Program: "Behavioral Neuroscience" in the Directorate for Biological Sciences.

Contact: Sonya Sobrian, (703) 306-1416.

Web site.

James S. McDonnell Foundation

Program: "Bridging Brain, Mind and Behavior" and "McDonnell Pew Program in Cognitive Neuroscience."

Contact: Susan M. Fitzpatrick, (314) 721-1532.

Web site.

Further Reading

Training in imaging technologies is also increasingly available. This June, APA's Board of Scientific Affairs will sponsor an fMRI training institute for psychologists at the MGH-NMR Center in Charlestown, Mass., outside Boston. The application deadline is March 10. Complete information is available on APA's Web Site.