March 2000 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 31 No. 3

March 2000 Monitor cover

From bran scan to lesson plan

Baboon mother and baby


Does this baboon know what you're thinking?

A finding that mother baboons don't return the calls of their lost infants adds to evidence that monkeys lack a theory of mind. A field study in Chacma baboons boosts theories that monkeys don't develop the ability to understand the plight of others.


A hand stacking wood blocks


Finding success in the nonprofit sector

More psychologists find they can make a broader impact by working in their communities.

Lone Ranger

Logan Wright, former APA president, saw not only what was, but what could be.

Cognitive psychology: a meeting of the mind and education

To John Bruer, cognitive psychology is the critical bridge between brain science and education.

The debate over child care isn't over yet...

The largest-ever study of child care finds little evidence that out-of-home care harms development in the first three years, but long-term effects are still unknown.

Katie L. Olsen: integrating psychology into NASA

Q & A NASA's science chief sees new research opportunities cropping up for psychologists.

Training in psychopharmacology gathers steam

The next two years may see critical expansion and new influences on programs.

Clinican, heal thyself

More psychologists are beginning to recognize--and cope with--their own stress and burnout.

Patient-protection battles continue on Capitol Hill

The fight for patients' right to sue managed-care firms seems headed for a showdown.

Listening instead of preaching

Psychologists are building on tribal life and spiritual beliefs to help American Indians solve mental health problems.

Helping American Indians earn psychology degrees

A shortage of American Indian providers has graduate programs scrambling to train more of them.

Attracting more minority students to psychology programs

An APA-sponsored program serves as a clearinghouse to bring ethnic-minority students and psychology programs together.

Professor for a day

Students get a taste of serving on the faculty of various institutions.