March 2001 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 32 No. 3

March 2001 Monitor cover

Everyday fantasia: The world of synesthesia

  • Everyday fantasia: The world of synesthesia

    With the help of sophisticated behavioral brain-imaging and molecular genetic methods, researchers are coming closer to understanding what drives the extraordinary sensory condition called synesthesia.

Blury photo of people walking


Fools rush in

A new tool for studying social impulsivity in primates promises to help uncover why some animals--human or otherwise--fail to look before they leap.


Stethoscope on top of one hundred dollar bills


Different kids need different programs

When it comes to afterschool programs, it's not one thing that works, it's a mixture.

APA makes the once impossible possible

After years of fighting an uphill battle, APA convinces the federal government to fund psychology internship training under Medicare.

Preventing injuries, saving lives

Psychologists' expertise is being increasingly recognized--and sought--in the realm of injury prevention.

A successful marriage of psychology and public health

Psychologists find that public health training can broaden the scope of any psychologist's work.

Cooperating on growth hormone deficiency

APA works with Pharmacia Corporation on an initiative to identify and help children with growth hormone deficiency.

Psychology's state-level legislators

Meet the psychologists whose training and education are making a difference in state legislatures across the country.

How psychopharmacology training is enhancing some psychology practices

Psychologists who've undergone psychopharmacology training say the education is enhancing their effectiveness, even though prescription privileges for psychologists are still in the works.

What makes a good afterschool program?

Everyone wants adolescents off the streets and learning new skills after school. The problem is that there's no consensus on what kinds of programs benefit children most.

APA's accreditation program gets a boost

APA's new assistant director of program consultation and accreditation injects new energy into communications with accredited training programs.