Xavier F. Amador, PhD, a clinical and research psychologist, is the new director of the just-established Center for Education, Research and Practice of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. The goal of the center is to identify the best evidence-based practices for helping people with serious mental illnesses to recover.

Before his appointment, Amador was director of psychology at the New York State Psychiatric Institute in New York City and associate professor in the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University. An expert on anosognosia, he is author of books focusing on helping to optimize recovery for people with serious mental illnesses and their families.

Elena Grigorenko, PhD, a research scientist at Yale University and associate professor of psychology at Moscow State University in Russia, was awarded the 2001 Div. 24 (Theoretical and Philosophical) Sigmund Koch Award for Early Career Contribution to Psychology, given to scholars making substantial contributions to the division's areas.

Grigorenko is the first person in Yale University's history to receive PhDs simultaneously in the natural and social sciences: She received her PhDs in genetics and psychology. She studies the genetics of reading disability and has performed numerous cross-cultural studies of intelligence and related skills as well as other instructional studies.

Carolyn Mazure, PhD, professor in the department of psychiatry at Yale University's Medical School and director of Yale's women's health research program, is now the medical school's newest associate dean for faculty affairs.

Mazure, who has had a 20-year career as a clinical psychologist at Yale, is eager to work for the interests of the faculty, which she considers to be an extraordinary group of scientists, clinicians and educators. "Faculty are the foundation on which everything else is built," she says.

The possibility of working within the medical school's system to enhance the academic lives of faculty was the reason she was attracted to the position. Mazure also plans to continue directing women's health research at Yale, which is the largest interdisciplinary women's health research program in the country. The program supports basic and clinical science studies with behavioral variables as a crucial part of this effort. Topics range from breast and ovarian cancer, to cardiovascular disease, to depression and domestic violence. The program's goal is to encourage innovative scientists to consider gender and sex as variables in their domain of study. "Research that factors in sex and gender provides a tremendous opportunity to improve the health of women while broadening the scope of knowledge on human health," says Mazure.

Gavriel Salvendy, PhD, a professor of industrial engineering at Purdue University and honorary fellow of APA, is the chair professor and head of the newly founded department of industrial engineering at Tsinghua University in Beijing. This appointment represents the first time since the People's Republic of China was established in 1949 that a Westerner has been named a chair professor and head of a university department in China. Salvendy will continue, concurrently, his position as professor of industrial engineering at Purdue University.

Founding editor of the International Journal on Human-Computer Interaction, International Journal on Cognitive Ergonomics, and Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing, Salvendy has advised organizations in 23 countries about the human side of effective design, implementation and management of advanced technologies in the workplace.