APA Past-president Norine G. Johnson, PhD, honored several psychologists and nonpsychologists with Presidential Citations in October and November.

Several psychologists were recognized for their enormous contributions in facilitating efforts of APA's Disaster Response Network (DRN) in the aftermath of Sept. 11: Kathryn L. Dardeck, EdD, and Martin Krugman, PhD, of Massachusetts; June E. Feder, PhD, of New York; Simone Gorko of Pennsylvania; Meline Karakashian, PhD, of New Jersey; Merritt (Chip) Schreiber, PhD, of California; Rosemary Schwartzbard, PhD, of Virginia; and Suzan M. Stafford, EdD, and Jacqueline G. Lapidus, PsyD, District of Columbia.

Citations were also given to the following state psychological association executive directors: Wesley Apker, EdD, of California; Thomas H. DeWall, of Pennsylvania; Elena J. Eisman, EdD, of Massachusetts; Gayle O'Brien, JD, of New York; Joan G. Smallwood of Virginia; Lorryn Wahler of New Jersey; and Deborah A. White, of the District of Columbia. Also recognized was Marguerite I. Schroeder, APA Practice Directorate DRN director.

In November, Johnson recognized Clive O. Callender, MD, a pioneer in the area of organ transplant surgery, for "making psychology an essential service for the total care of [his] patients." In 1975, Callender established the first psychological support group for organ transplant patients and their significant others in order to address issues of compliance with medical treatment, substance abuse, interpersonal adjustment and patient education. This program continues to be a vital part of Callender's transplant program, which has been implemented as a model by hospital transplant centers throughout the world.