In the January Monitor's report on APA's 2004 presidential election, the Hare System (used for elections in which more than one person is to be elected) was not used to count the president-elect ballots. Rather, APA uses the Ware System (used when only one person is to be elected), also called the single transferable ballot. Unlike the Hare System, a quota is not required in the Ware System. However, the two systems otherwise count ballots in the same way: Voters rank the candidates by their order of preference, and the candidate who receives a majority of the votes cast is elected.

In "The perils of profiling for the media" (January Monitor, page 30), Rona Fields, PhD, was mistakenly identified as Mona Fields.

The listing of elected officials with psychology backgrounds in the January Monitor indicated that Gloria Romero is a graduate of "California State University, Riverside." There is no such institution. Sen. Romero's PhD is from the University of California, Riverside.