Program: Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles, University of Southern California-affiliated program
Program Director: Bradley O. Hudson, PsyDProject Title: Enhancing Intern Interdisciplinary and Cultural Competence
Award Amount: $123,514
Disciplines: Nutrition, occupational therapy, psychology
Purpose: Enhance the neurodevelopmental disabilities specialty training program and further the cultural competence training program.

Program: Yale University
Program Director: Sara S. Sparrow, PhD
Project Title: Yale Child Study Center Psychology Training Program Award Amount: $111,961
Disciplines: Psychology, adolescent medicine, pediatrics
Purpose: Provide interdisciplinary training experiences that target underserved populations and create links between health professionals in various community-based programs and agencies.

Program: A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children
Program Director: W. Douglas Tynan, PhD
Project Title: Psychology Training in Collaborative Pediatric Care Award Amount: $112,954
Disciplines: Medical psychology, medicine
Purpose: Train interns to intervene with child behavior problems, provide empirically supported psychotherapy treatment in primary, inpatient and outpatient care, and work with families that need significant help with child conduct problems.

Program: Howard University
Program Director: Linda Berg-Cross, PhD
Project Title: Interdisciplinary Transitional Health Care for Minorities Award Amount: $112,075
Disciplines: Clinical psychology, psychiatry, family therapy
Purpose: Train psychologists and psychiatrists to provide a continuous interdisciplinary link between inpatient and outpatient treatment, primarily for African Americans and other minorities.

Program: Louis De La Parte Florida Mental Health Institute, University of South Florida
Program Director: Richard B. Weinberg, PhD
Project Title: Improving Mental Health Services to African-American Children
Award Amount: $117,720 Disciplines: Psychology, primary care
Purpose: Provide a public charter school--kindergarten through third grade--for children with behavioral difficulties, train interns in psychological evaluation and treatment of African-American children with behavioral difficulties, and offer related continuing education to professionals and community leaders.

Program: University of Florida, Department of Clinical and Health Psychology
Program Director: Russell M. Bauer, PhD
Project Title: Education and Training in Rural Behavioral Health
Award Amount: $174,351
Disciplines: Psychology, family medicine, nursing, pharmacy
Purpose: Foster interdisciplinary collaboration in rural health care and train across professions in detecting mental health and behavioral issues and using effective intervention and behavior management tools.

Program: Medical College of Georgia Research Institute, Inc., Department of Psychiatry and Health Behavior
Program Director: Paul A. Mabe, PhD
Project Title: MCG-VAMC Consortium--Psychology Workforce Development Award Amount: $98,851
Disciplines: Clinical psychology, medical psychology, behavioral health care
Purpose: Train psychologists in interdisciplinary, evidence-based primary care for the underserved, including children, minorities and people with HIV/AIDS.

Program: University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Psychiatry, Institute for Juvenile Research
Program Director: Marc S. Atkins, PhD
Project Title: Mental Health Promotion for Urban, Low Income Children Award Amount: $134,628
Disciplines: Psychology, social work, psychiatry, special education, nursing
Purpose: Train psychologists in evidence-based mental health services for children and families in urban, low-income communities and recruit more minority trainees.

Program: University of Louisville Research Foundation, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, University of Louisville
Program Director: Janet Woodruff-Borden, PhD
Project Title: Louisville Integrated Primary Care Training Program
Award Amount: $140,371 Disciplines: Psychology, internal medicine, medicine/pediatrics
Purpose: Implement a model of integrated primary behavioral health care through coursework and trainee services for patients.

Program: Central Michigan University, Department of Psychology
Program Director: David M. Dush, PhD
Project Title: Integrated Core Competency & Specialty Clinical Training
Award Amount: $99,001 Disciplines: Physician assistants, psychology, physical therapy, speech-language pathology, nursing
Purpose: Train clinicians in core competencies and prepare them to work with diverse and underserved clients. Also develop new interdisciplinary speech pathology, primary-care and familiy practice rotations and a a model of psychiatry consultation, and increase attention to outcome evaluation and community needs.

Program: St. Louis University, Psychology Department
Program Director: Terri L. Weaver, PhD
Project Title: Pediatric-Psychology Partnership for Abuse Prevention
Award Amount: $111,398 Disciplines: Medicine, nursing, social work
Purpose: Train students to provide psychological health services to underserved women and children affected by physical, emotional and behavioral effects of intimate partner violence.

Program: Yeshiva University, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology
Program Director: Richard A. Zweig, PhD
Project Title: Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology Doctoral GeroPsychology Training in a Primary Care Setting Award Amount: $120,455
Disciplines: Geriatric psychology, primary care, research clinic settings
Purpose: Provide interdisciplinary training in geropsychological consultation, assessment and psychotherapeutic intervention with ethnically diverse and socioeconomically disadvantaged elderly in urban primary care.

Program: University of North Carolina, Greensboro, Department of Psychology
Program Director: Susan P. Keane, PhD
Project Title: Interdisciplinary Care of Underserved Children
Award Amount: $106,499
Disciplines: Clinical psychology, psychiatry, family practice, social work
Purpose: Through an interdisciplinary approach, educate trainees to deliver mental health services to Medicaid-eligible children and families and deaf and hard-of-hearing children at risk for abuse.

Program: The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Joseph Stokes Jr. Research Institute
Program Director: Thomas J. Power, PhD
Project Title: Preparing Child Health Providers in Urban Communities
Award Amount: $120,437
Disciplines: Psychology, psychiatry, behavioral pediatrics, residential pediatrics
Purpose: Train interns to address health needs of low-income, urban, ethnically diverse children. Also recruit more trainees who are minorities or are interested in cultural competence and interdisciplinary work.

Program: Medical University of South Carolina, Psychology Internship Consortium
Program Director: Dean G. Kilpatrick, PhD
Project Title: Internship Training in Behavioral Medicine and Trauma
Award Amount: $145,950
Disciplines: Pediatric psychology, health psychology/behavioral medicine
Purpose: Prepare interns to work with victims of child abuse, elder abuse and other violence and pediatric and health psychology/behavioral medicine patients through seminars and practicum training.

Program: Texas Tech University, Department of Psychology
Program Director: Gary D. Fireman, PhD
Project Title: Clinical Training with Underserved Populations
Award Amount: $123,882
Disciplines: Psychology, nursing, nurse practitioners, social work, speech and hearing
Purpose: Train predoctoral clinical and counseling psychology students to work with underserved groups.

Program: University of Texas Medical Branch, School of Allied Health Sciences
Program Director: Jeff M. Baker, PhD
Project Title: Primary Care Psychology
Award Amount: $90,607
Disciplines: Primary care, clinical psychology, physician assistants, allied practitioners
Purpose: Increase numbers of clinical psychologists, occupational therapists and physician assistants prepared to work with at-risk populations in Texas's medically underserved areas.

Program: Eastern Virginia Medical School, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Program Director: Robert P. Archer, PhD
Project Title: Integrating Psychology Internship Training in a Primary Care Setting
Award Amount: $145,950 Disciplines: Family medicine, primary care, psychology
Purpose: To enhance patient care through complete integration of mental health into primary care, particularly for African Americans, the elderly and children with attention deficits.