March 2004 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 35 No. 3

March 2004 Monitor cover

Personality disorders

Putting "X" on boxes


Test-scoring and interpretation services

Ethical Standard 9.09 of APA's Ethics Code focuses on the core values of test-scoring and interpretation services as well as on their practical application.

Someone helping kid to write


Pavlovian psychopharmacology

New research suggests that, in response to internal cues, the body learns to anticipate and counteract some physiological effects of drugs.

One fundamental learning process

Pigeon research suggests that classical and operant conditioning share a common process, lending insight into clinical work.

To tell the truth

Psychologists in the field of deception detection consult with the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies.

Adding psy to spy

Psychologist Linda Demaine helps intelligence agents cultivate sources.

How do you test on the Web? Responsibly

The proliferation of tests available online spurred APA to report on the challenges and benefits involved.

Cracking down on test security violations

Online testing has made it easier for health professionals--including psychologists--to unwittingly break federal copyright laws.

Lawsuits could change managed-care landscape

Current legal actions against managed care--some involving psychology--could change the health-care arena.

A federal boost to psychology care for cardiac patients

Congress passes legislation that funds research on integrating psychological interventions into cardiac treatment of Medicare enrollees.

Lowering risk, building resilience

By educating school health and mental health professionals about lesbian, gay and bisexualadolescents, APA hopes to boost support for these at-risk youth.

Stepping in when schools fail

If an APA group has its way, psychologists would more directly help students at schools that don't comply with the No Child Left Behind Act.

Young girl play toy shapes


Facilitating research with children

Div. 7 spotlights the unique research-approval challenges of its members.

Mother smiling and holding baby


Grassroots campaign seeks to combat disparities

A new APA-sponsored effort will target racial and ethnic health-disparities legislation.