Congress has approved $3.4 million to fund the new Defense Graduate Psychology Education (D-GPE) Program, which is designed to address the growing emotional and behavioral health needs of returning service members and their families, including post-traumatic stress disorder, severe medical injury and family reintegration.

This new program was created by APA Education Policy staff and Department of Defense military and civilian psychologists. House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee Chair Rep. Bill Young (R-Fla.) included $4 million for the D-GPE Program in the fiscal year 2006 House Defense Appropriations Bill.

The funds will support a Washington, D.C., Center for Deployment Psychology (CDP), which will offer multiple types of training opportunities to military interns and psychologists, as well as civilian interns and psychologists; the hiring of one additional psychologist at each military psychology training site to act as a link between the CDP and their training site; and the creation of a Web site where service members and their families can access information on emotional and behavioral health issues, including how to locate local psychologists. More information on this program will be available in future issues of the Monitor and on the Education Public Policy Office Web site at

--G. Mumford