March 2007 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 38 No. 3

March 2007 Monitor cover

Robot prodigy

  • Move over, mice

    Robots that learn may be the hot new research subjects for developmental psychologists, lending new insights on human development and learning.

  • Conversing with copycats

    Psychologists are using computer models to re-evaluate how humans learn their first tongue.

  • R2-D2's social lessons

    Could robots help provide better diagnostic tools for children with autism?

Brown monkey


Monkey math

With hours of training, animals can learn to solve simple math problems, but do they have a natural number sense?



Notes from the 2007 Multicultural Conference and Summit

An inspiring conference and summit enhances and elaborates our understanding of professional ethics.

Man thinking hard


Checking the coordinates

Psychologists and geographers together study spatial thinking and skills.

Empty bottles: Easing clients off meds

What to know about discontinuation of psychotropic medications.

Privilege preserved

APA and the California Psychological Association successfully challenge a court action involving confidential client communications.

Whole workplace health

Psychologists are taking a more comprehensive approach to wellness at work.

A new diagnosis for childhood trauma?

Some push for a new DSM category for children who undergo multiple, complex traumas.

Empowerment through inclusion

The 2007 multicultural conference focused on addressing past hurts, current conflicts and future challenges.

A chance to help many

Psychologist Terry Cline will lead efforts to promote resiliency and recovery at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Sports authority

A Div. 47-approved proficiency defines the skills that sport psychologists need.