Ileana Arias, PhD, will tap her expertise on violence against women in a new post as head of the Family and Intimate Violence Prevention Team at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

Arias will oversee team activities, evaluate existing programs on domestic violence and develop a research agenda on violence against women. She plans to explore early interventions with children and adolescents to prevent violence.

Arias is on leave through 2001 from the University of Georgia, where she is professor of psychology and director of clinical training. She joined the faculty there in 1985.

Edward S. Beck, EdD, has been named Practitioner of the Year by the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors of the American Counseling Association for his leadership, teaching and professional contributions to counseling. Beck has served as president of numerous national and state professional counseling organizations, teaches counseling at two Pennsylvania colleges, works as a school treatment specialist and runs a group counseling practice. He received the award at the association's annual meeting in Washington, D.C., held in March.

Beck directs the Susquehanna Institute, a group practice of psychologists, social workers and counselors who specialize in marriage and family health, organizational consulting and career development in Harrisburg, Pa. He currently serves as president of the Mental Health Association of the Capital Region Pennsylvania.

J. Bruce Overmier, PhD, has received a prestigious research accolade, the Quad-L Award from the department of psychology at the University of New Mexico (UNM).

The award recognizes one scientist each year for outstanding career contributions to learning, memory and cognition. Overmier, a professor of psychology at the University of Minnesota and a member of APA's Board of Directors, is well known for his research on the biological mechanisms of stress, conditioning, learning and memory in animals and humans.

As part of the award, Overmier will lecture and meet with faculty and students at UNM.

Quad-L stands for Logan, Literature and Laws of Learning. Psychologist Frank A. Logan, PhD, chair of the UNM psychology department from 1964­75, founded the Quad-L trust.

Philip E. Tetlock, PhD, has won the National Academy of Science's Award for Behavioral Research Relevant to the Prevention of Nuclear War, which comes with a $15,000 prize. The award, which is presented every three years, honors basic research in cognitive and behavioral science that advances the understanding of the risk of nuclear war.

Tetlock is the Harold E. Burtt professor of psychology and political science at Ohio State University. He is being honored for his research on foreign-policy rhetoric between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War, as well as research that examined the susceptibility of expert political observers to changing predictions or misremembering information when unexpected political events occurred.

Tetlock taught at the University of California, Berkeley, for 17 years before moving on to Ohio State in 1996.