In Brief

On March 22, APA members and staff hosted a reception for the 107th Congress, an event that gave more than 100 psychologists from around the country an opportunity to point out the unique resources they can contribute to policy areas that are top on Congress's agenda.

The Public Policy Office, the Practice Directorate's Government Relations Office, and Central Programs held the event at the Mansfield Room in the U.S. Capitol Building. Initiating the evening, APA President Norine G. Johnson, PhD, noted the event was "an appropriate beginning of the "Decade of Behavior. We value the opportunity to share, within these hollowed halls, our expertise."

The welcome was well-received by about 40 staffers and members of Congress in the audience, including Senator Joseph Biden (D­Del.) and Reps. Ted Strickland, PhD (D­Ohio) and Brian Baird, PhD (D­Wash.).