Time Capsule

1883 Ivan Pavlov received his MD degree on May 23 at Russia's Military-Medical Academy. His doctoral experiments were on the augmentor nerves of the heart.

1951 On May 23, psychologist Kenneth Clark left New York's Penn Station with lawyers Thurgood Marshall and Robert Carter to testify about the damaging effects of segregation on self-esteem in African-American children in the case of Briggs v. Elliott. The case, heard in Charleston, S.C., was the NAACP's first attack on school segregation, culminating in Brown v. Board of Education.

1960 On May 20, APA's Board of Directors accepted a $15,000 grant from the Society for Investigation of Human Ecology for senior psychologists to visit the Soviet Union. In 1977 it was disclosed that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) secretly funded the grant, hoping to learn more about Soviet behavioral research. The project was code named MKULTRA by the CIA.

1992 In the case Riggins v. Nevada, the U.S. Supreme Court decided on May 18 to overturn the murder conviction of David Riggins because the state had forced him to take antipsychotic drugs while he was on trial, thus impairing his ability to testify on his own behalf. The ruling affected the treatment of mentally unstable prisoners during trials.

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