May 2002 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 33 No. 5

May 2002 Monitor cover

Top stories from the APA Annual Convention

Young girl with curly hair has expressionless face


Ethics Rounds

This month's 'Ethics Rounds' offers guidance on psychologists' ethical obligations. Must a psychologist report past child abuse?

Indian women sitting on brick steps


In need of a revolution

The former assistant surgeon general outlined steps to close the gap in women's health disparities.

Preparing psychologists for a new world

Psychologists discuss the challenges of serving America's changing population.


An indigenized psychology. Psychologists in India blend Indian traditions and Western psychology.

Studies garner groundbreaking data

Major national studies of women's health are providing new insights.

Lessons learned from Sept. 11

Psychologists' research uncovers our strengths and weaknesses.

Use it or lose it?

More research suggests that mental activity may stave off the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

Better care for women

APA's 'Enhancing Outcomes in Women's Health' conference examined how to improve women's health care.

Top of the Nation's Capital in DC


Psychologists discuss counter-terrorism research on Capitol Hill

Psychological scientists met with congressional committee staff to illustrate psychology's role in national security.

Leadership in the dictionary


Tips from the top

APA's departing CEO passes on lessons he learned from 13 years in office.

A year that brought pain, but also progress

Russ Newman summed up notable events for psychology since the last State Leadership Conference.

Still fighting the good fight

Sen. Pete Domenici (R-N.M.) is honored with the APA Outstanding Leadership Award for his longstanding advocacy of mental health parity.

Financial resilience

Psychology association leaders shared their insights on keeping the bottom line strong, in good times and bad.

A primer on privacy

The APA Practice Organization is spreading HIPAA compliance information through state associations.