May 2003 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 34 No. 5

May 2003 Monitor cover

Highlights of this year's convention

  • Education and the brain headline presidential programming

    The presidential speakers at APA's Annual Convention in Toronto will discuss myriad topics related to psychology, the brain and education — from mental time travel to academic administration.

  • Strong on science

    Psychological researchers will present their latest findings at this year's convention.

  • Get educated

    Convention sessions examine psychology in education and offer education in psychology.

  • Staying ahead in practice

    Convention attendees will get up-to-date information and tools to equip their practices.

Dark cloudy sky


Everyday fears trump worries about terrorism

A unique Sesame Workshop study finds that 6- to 11-year-olds worry more about daily problems than threats of war and terrorism.

Tackling workplace problems

Programming by APA's Public Interest Directorate spans workplace violence, women in psychology and sexual harassment.

Fighting ageism

Geropsychologists are striving to stop negative age stereotypes and meet the growing mental health needs of older adults.

Cognitive sex differences: a 'political minefield'

At the Eastern Psychological Association meeting, psychologists spoke on sex differences and other topics in cognitive psychology.

APA submits a record four Supreme Court amicus briefs

APA filings seek to bring hard scientific information to judicial decision-makers.

Cultivating otherwise untapped potential

Psychologists are developing programs to identify gifted children earlier--and to ensure their success.

The top of their class

Gifted teens get an up-close look at their chosen field of interest in the Pinnacle Project.

Parenting with a disability: the last frontier

A pioneering organization helps people with disabilities assert their right to parent.

From the ground up view of a building


Psychology's chance to strengthen the Higher Education Act

The law can help bolster teacher quality and make education more accessible.



Staying the course

The message of APA's 2003 State Leadership Conference was to continue the fight for health-care policy reform.

Honoring psychology's heroes

Honorees Rep. Patrick Kennedy and Ellen Gerrity--former adviser to Paul Wellstone--stirred the State Leadership crowd with messages of mental health advocacy.

Advocacy in a diverse society

Panelists urged state leaders to actively shape the legislative response to America's changing demographics.

Getting paid under Medicare

State Leadership Conference workshop highlights key reimbursement issues for psychologists.

Implementing the law

Psychologists in three states work to implement--or oppose implementation of--new laws.

Psychologists needed for treatment of serious mental illness

Some psychologists at the State Leadership Conference urged the field to get more involved in serious mental illness.