Convention sessions examine psychology in education and offer education in psychology.

For those wishing to prepare for teaching in academic settings, APA's Education Directorate will co-sponsor with APA Div. 2 (Society for the Teaching of Psychology) a pre-convention workshop titled "Preparing for an academic career: developing teachers of psychology workshop." The first day and a half will center on preparing to teach, and the last part of the second day will feature a panel presentation of faculty members who will discuss roles and responsibilities of faculty in different types of institutions, such as academic research departments, four-year colleges and community colleges. The cost is $50 per person and includes lunch on both days. Preregistration is required. For more information, contact Joan Freund.

High school teachers attending this year's convention can tap a full-day pre-convention workshop on science-based applications of psychology. Sponsored by APA's Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS) and held at the Ontario Science Centre on Aug. 6, the workshop will by led by Rob McEntarffer of Southeast Lincoln High School in Lincoln, Neb., and Jody Meerdink, PhD, of Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln. The workshop will incorporate exhibits at the Ontario Science Centre.

Also, on Aug. 8 and 9, TOPSS--as part of its yearlong 10th anniversary celebration--will host a special summit that includes four invited addresses by renowned experts in positive psychology. Former APA President Martin E.P. Seligman, PhD, will kick off the summit, which also includes such prominent researchers as Karen Reivich, PhD, University of Pennsylvania, Christopher Peterson, PhD, University of Michigan, Shane Lopez, PhD, University of Kansas, and C.R. Snyder, PhD, University of Kansas. The TOPSS summit coincides with its release of a new unit lesson plan on positive psychology for psychology teachers. For more information on the TOPSS workshop, invited addresses or unit lesson plans, contact Mayella Valero.

Special for community college instructors

APA's Committee on Psychology Teachers at Community Colleges (PT@CC) will host a conversation hour, "Resources for community college teachers," with moderator Jerry Rudmann, PhD, of Coastline Community College. For more information, visit Psychology Teachers at Community Colleges or e-mail Martha Boenau. PT@CC will also host:

  • "What inquiring minds want to know: Can we teach thinking? PT@CC invited address," APA President-elect Diane F. Halpern, PhD, of Claremont McKenna College. A reception for Halpern is also being planned.

  • "Innovative community college teaching methods," including L. William Cheney, EdD, of the Community College of Rhode Island, on "Incorporating interactive activities into a career planning course," and Beverly Burton, of Piedmont Technical College, on "Groups in cyberspace."

  • "The last lecture," Jane Halonen, PhD, of James Madison University, Barney Beins, PhD, of Ithaca College, and David Murphy, EdD, of Waubonsee Community College.

  • "Hosting conferences and workshops for community college faculty and students," Jerry Rudmann, PhD, of Coastline Community College, and Patricia Puccio, EdD, of the College of DuPage.

  • "Using the new student outcome standards in psychology to improve student learning," Jerry Rudmann, PhD, of Coastline Community College, and Donna Duffy, PhD, of Middlesex Community College.