American Psychological Foundation

The American Psychological Foundation Board of Trustees and staff would like to thank the generous contributors who have made donations in honor or in memory of individuals or institutions that have had a special personal or professional impact on their lives.


Sept. 1, 2003-Feb. 29, 2004

Drs. Leonard and Faith Bachelis
"In memory of Dr. Vito Gianini"

Professor Harry P. Bahrick
"In memory of Paul M. Fitts"

Dr. Rafic Ali Al-Banawi
"In memory of Dr. John Crane"

Dr. Jeffrey E. Barnett
"In memory of Timothy B. Jeffrey, PhD"

Mrs. Norma Benimoff
"In memory of Murray Benimoff, PhD"

Dr. Ludy T. Benjamin Jr.
"In memory of Meredith P. Crawford, PhD"

Dr. Philip E. Berghausen Jr.
"In memory of Mr. Bruce Gideon Woolpert"

Drs. Jeri Breiner and David Joel
"In memory of Dr. Randy Gerson"

Dr. Kevin R. Cahill
"In memory of Dr. Daniel Patrick Murphy"

Dr. Mathilda B. Canter
"In loving memory of Aaron H. Canter;"
"In memory of Robert A. Harper, PhD"

Dr. Dorothy W. Cantor
"In memory of Linda Jarvis;"
"In memory of Diana Steinmarder, mother of Carol Kogan;"
"In memory of Eleanor Rosen, mother of Dr. Karen Zager;"
"In memory of Gladys Silverman, beloved mother of Maxine and Steven Silverman"

Dr. Maury T. Carlin
"In memory of Arthur Sorosky, PhD"

Dr. Henry P. and Mrs. Tema David
"In memory of Samuel Beck;"
"In memory of Blanche Glickman;"
"In memory of Bernie Kamenske;"
"In memory of Marilyn Sternglass"

Drs. Florence Denmark and Robert Wesner
"In memory of Dr. Carmine Casella;"
"In memory of Dr. Carmi Harari"

Dr. Linda M. Forrest
"In memory of Dr. Joan Pfaller"

Dr. Raymond D. Fowler
"In memory of Bernard Lubin, PhD, outstanding scholar, loving husband and warm friend;"
"In memory of Paul E. Meehl;"
"In memory of Paul S. Siegel, PhD, mentor, colleague and friend"

Dr. Ronald E. Fox
"In memory of Robert A. Harper, PhD"

Dr. Kurt F. Geisinger
"In memory of Karl W. Geisinger, PhD"

Mrs. Evelyn L. Gerson
"In memory of Dr. Randy Gerson;"
"In memory of Mary London"

Ms. Beverly Schillinger Goodman
"In loving memory of my brother and dear friend, Morton Schillinger, PhD, ABPP"

Dr. Gloria B. Gottsegen
"In memory of Irma Perchikoff Holtzman"

Dr. Sandra S. Hoffman
"In memory of Dr. Randy Gerson"

Dr. Jeffrey H. Horovitz
"In memory of my 'favorite professor,' Theodore H. Blau, PhD"

Dr. Frances Degen Horowitz
"In memory of Elizabeth Bates"

Dr. James J. Jenkins
"In memory of Wallace A. Russell, PhD"

Dr. Lawrence Kahana
"In memory of Theodore H. Blau, PhD"

Dr. Florence Kaslow
"In memory of Theodore H. Blau, PhD"

Dr. M. Marlyne Kilbey
"In memory of Nancy Leith, PhD"

Dr. Emily B. Kirby
"In memory of Norman D. Bowers"

Dr. Gerald P. Koocher
"In memory of Jerry Clark, PhD"

Dr. Vega A. Lalire
"In memory of Theodora M. Abel, PhD"

Dr. Glenn J. Larrabee
"In memory of John R. Schuck, PhD"

Dr. George F. Mahl
"In memory of Neal E. Miller"

Dr. Ellen McGrath
"In memory of Bernadette Murray, my mother"

Dr. William T. and Mrs. Linda R. McReynolds
"In memory of Theodore H. Blau, PhD"

Dr. Manfred and Mrs. Roberta Meier
"In memory of Paul E. Meehl"

Dr. Peter Francis Merenda
"In memory of John B. Carroll;"
"In memory of Seymour Wapner"

Dr. Gene K. Nebel
"In memory of Malcolm J. Marks, EdD"

Dr. Paul D. Nelson
"In memory of Dr. Newell Berry"

Dr. Mary Ellen Olbrisch
"In memory of Timothy B. Jeffrey, PhD"

Drs. Robert and Evelyn Perloff
"In fond and wrenching memory of Leonard V. Gordon, a lifelong friend and valued colleague"

Ms. Ana Rubinia Portillo
"In memory of Bernie Kamenske"

Dr. Elana U. Rauch
"In memory of Rabbi Robert Ungar"

Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Resnick
"In memory of Dr. Sidney A. 'Bud' Orgel"

Dr. Henry L. Roediger III
"In memory of Norman J. Slamecka"

Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Grace Rothstein
"In memory of Michael Paul Rothstein, PhD"

Dr. Donald K. and Mrs. Marion Routh
"In memory of John B. Carroll"

Dr. Ilene A. Serlin
"In memory of Harriet Adler"

Mr. Donald and Mrs. Carole H. Shellenberger
"In memory of Dr. Randy Gerson"

Dr. Helen M. Strauss
"In memory of Thea Bry"

Dr. George and Mrs. Joan Stricker
"In memory of Dr. Bud Orgel"

Dr. Richard W. Thoreson
"In memory of Dr. Robert Callis"

Mrs. Carole L. Thorsell
"In memory of Bernard Alan Thorsell, PhD, my dearly loved husband"

Dr. Jack G. Wiggins
"In memory of Betty Brown, wife of William E. Brown;"
"In memory of June Gantz, PhD;"
"In memory of Robert A. Harper, PhD"

Dr. Lawrence S. Wrightsman Jr.
"In memory of Paul Gump"

Dr. Ronald D. Wynne
"In memory of Fr. John Stafford"

Dr. Jeffrey Zimmerman
"In memory of Dr. Catherine Acuff"

Sept. 1, 2003-Feb. 29, 2004

Dr. Nancy E. Adler
"In honor of Henry P. David, PhD"

Dr. Philip E. Berghausen Jr.
"In honor of Richard M. Suinn, PhD"

Mr. and Mrs. William Bevan III
"In honor of Dr. William Bevan"

Dr. Alan E. Brooker
"In honor of Joseph D. Matarazzo, PhD"

Dr. Robert A. Brown
"In honor of Dr. Raymond and Mrs. Sandra Fowler"

Ms. Victoria L. Burns
"In honor of Neil H. Burns and his dedication to psychology, as well as Linda H. Burns and her amazing ability to help so many people"

Dr. Mathilda B. Canter
"In honor of Celia B. Fisher, PhD;"
"In honor of Pat Johnson for receiving the AzPA Aaron Canter Award"

Dr. David T. Christensen
"In honor of Dr. Christopher Earl Ebbe"

Dr. Thomas Jeffrey DeMaio
"In honor of Dr. Sandra Leichtman"

Drs. Paul R. Duberstein and Nancy Talbot
"In honor of Dr. Joseph Masling"

Dr. Henry and Mrs. Florence Ellis
"In honor of Dr. William Bevan;"
"In honor of Dr. Henry L. Roediger III"

Dr. Leonard and Mrs. Madeline Eron
"In honor of Professor L. Rowell Huesmann;"
"In honor of Professor James Jackson"

Dr. Raymond D. Fowler
"In honor of the APA Board of Directors; William Bevan, PhD; Thomas Boll, PhD; Charles L. Brewer, PhD; Frances Culbertson, PhD; Dr. Nicholas and Mrs. Dorothy Cummings; Henry P. David, PhD; Marilyn T. Erickson, PhD; T. George Harris; Michael Honaker, PhD; Jack McKay; Dr. Theodore Millon; David Myers, PhD; Robert Sternberg, PhD; Judy and Fred Strassburger; Elisabeth R. Straus; and Philip Zimbardo, PhD"

Dr. Pino Fumai
"In honor of Professor Marcello Cesa Bianchi, founder of the Psychology Institute of Medicine Faculty, State University, Milan"

Dr. Sol L. Garfield
"In honor of Allen Bergin;"
"In honor of Hans Strupp"

Dr. Norman Garmezy
"In honor of Philip S. Holzman"

Mrs. Evelyn Gerson
"In honor of Clara Feldman on her 75th birthday;"
"In honor of Janice Wapnick on her birthday"

The Friends of Dr. Wayne Goldman
"In honor of Wayne Goldman, PhD, friend, mentor and colleague on the occasion of his retirement from Monmouth Medical Center"

Dr. Harrison Gough
"In honor of Ravenna M. Helson, PhD, and her seminal contributions to the study of life-span psychology"

Dr. Luise A. Gray
"In honor of George Christine, PsyD"

Dr. Douglas C. Haldeman
"In honor of Clinton Anderson"

Dr. Gerald P. Koocher
"In honor of Patrick H. DeLeon, PhD"

Dr. Jane S. Levin
"In honor Dr. Sharon Berry on her birthday"

Dr. Manfred and Mrs. Roberta Meier
"In honor of Arthur L. Benton on his 94th birthday"

Dr. Doris K. Miller
"In honor of Dr. William Bevan"

Dr. Lorraine Nadelman
"In honor of Dr. Leonard and Mrs. Madeline Eron"

Dr. Herbert C. Quay
"In honor of Donald K. Routh, PhD"

Dr. Mary E. Reuder
"In honor of Dr. Carole Rayburn"

Dr. Ronald H. Rozensky
"In honor of the department of clinical and health psychology, University of Florida"

Dr. Kurt Salzinger
"In honor of Deanna Chitayat"

Dr. Milton Shore
"In honor of the retirement of Robert Brown"

Dr. Jeffrey H. Spector
"In honor of Helen Strauss, PhD"  

Note: Every attempt is made to include all individuals who have made honor or memorial contributions to APF. Report any adjustments to APF at (202) 336-5622. To make an honor or memory contribution, include a note with your gift indicating the name of the person or institution in whose honor or memory the gift is being made. In addition, include the name and address of the person to notify of your contribution. Print all information clearly. Mail contributions to APF at the APA address.