May 2004 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 35 No. 5

May 2004 Monitor cover

Programming highlights for the 2004 APA Annual Convention

  • Can't-miss programming

    Plenary sessions tap prominent psychologists to discuss issues ranging from gender differences to peace-building.

  • Integrating work and family

    The APA president's talk is titled "New models of work-family interaction that provide returns on investment to employers and working families."

Eye glasses laying on an open book


Forensic matters and the new APA Ethics Code

Great care went into crafting how the new code addresses forensic matters.

Vitamins and fruit


Louisiana grants psychologists prescriptive authority

Louisiana psychologists' persistence pays off, and their state becomes the second to pass RxP legislation.

Take your vitamins

Low B-12 is associated with poorer memory in older people with the higher-risk Alzheimer's genotype.

Adding up

The brains of mathematically gifted children may work differently from those of nongifted children, a new study suggests.

Bridging psychology and education

Edward Gaughan has been appointed to a university-endowed chair to advance the application of psychology to education.

Advocacy that makes a difference

Learn about psychology's most pressing public policy concerns and meet those working on them.

Psi Chi to celebrate in Honolulu

The honor society will mark 75 years at APA's Annual Convention.

Lighting up some marijuana


Studying substance abuse treatment in the field

Div. 28 members are helping bring together research and practice in substance abuse treatment through a national trials network.

US Congress building


Grassroots...what's the big deal?

Psychologists can increase their influence on legislation that affects their everyday lives by getting involved.

Someone holding a plant branch


Getting a jump on change

The goal of APA's 2004 State Leadership Conference was to prepare psychologists for a future full of transformations.

Politics, parity and psychology

State leadership participants were energized by political humor, election-year straight talk and hope for change on the parity front.

Honoring legislative achievement

State leaders honored state Sen. Kevin Sullivan for his contribution to Connecticut's new mental health parity law.

Prescriptive authority

DoD-trained psychologists spoke about how prescribing has changed their clinical practice.

Fighting Medicaid cuts

Advocates in four states work to ensure that coverage includes psychologist-provided mental health care.


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