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Psychologists give back to psychology

The American Psychological Foundation (APF) recognizes the following major donors who made campaign gifts of $10,000 or more, enabling APF to raise more than $7.5 million for the Campaign for a New Era:

  • Norman Abeles, PhD, 1997 former APA president, is a Michigan State University (MSU) psychology professor and also has served as director of the MSU Psychology Clinic. Today, he and his students conduct research on mood and memory in older adults. Jeanette Abeles is a social science specialist-adviser in MSU's Department of Interdisciplinary Studies and an adjunct curator at the MSU Museum.

  • APA CEO Norman Anderson, PhD, is also a member of the foundation's board of trustees. Prior to taking the CEO position, he was a professor of health and social behavior at Harvard University's School of Public Health. He also served as the founding associate director of the National Institutes of Health for Behavioral and Social Sciences Research. Elizabeth Anderson is an author and journalist. She is currently working on a book about the bonds between humans and their companion animals. She and Norman co-authored a book, "Emotional Longevity: What Really Determines How Long You Live" (Penguin Books, 2004).

  • David Barlow, PhD, is a psychology and psychiatry professor at Boston University. He has held similar positions at the University at Albany of the State University of New York, Brown University and the University of Mississippi Medical Center. At both Brown and Mississippi, he founded clinical psychology internship programs. In 2000, he was awarded APA's Distinguished Scientist Award for Applications of Psychology. Beverly Barlow, who holds a master's degree in peripatology, taught both the blind and developmentally disabled for several years before forming a company that publishes psychological materials for professionals.

  • Asher R. Pacht, PhD, a University of Wisconsin-Madison emeritus clinical psychology professor, recently retired both from independent practice and as director of professional affairs for the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB). He has served on APA's Board of Professional Affairs and the Board of Educational Affairs and has received APA's 1982 Award for Distinguished Contributions to Public Service, the 1988 Harold M. Hildreth Award, the 1993 Karl F. Heiser Award and was APF's first Rosalee G. Weiss Lecturer in 1994. Currently, he is the ASPPB Foundation's executive officer.

The foundation also recognizes Andrew A. Shiva, PhD, and Steven Ungerleider, PhD, for their contributions.

Alibali wins APF early-career award

APF awarded Martha W. Alibali, PhD, a University of Wisconsin-Madison professor of psychology and educational psychology, the 2004 Robert Fantz Memorial Award for producing and publishing research in perceptual-cognitive development. The award recognizes Alibali as a promising young investigator.

Fantz award recipients are recommended by APA's Committee on Scientific Affairs and approved by the APF board of trustees. The annual award includes a $2,000 grant.

Alibali's research examines the function of spontaneous gestures in thinking and speaking, the transition from arithmetic to algebraic reasoning and the nature of mathematical reasoning and communication in children with language impairments.

APF awards COGDOP Graduate Research Scholarships

APF and the Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology (COGDOP) presented 13 Graduate Research Scholarships in 2004.

The following are the top recipients:

  • Michael Cohen received the $3,000 Ruth G. and Joseph D. Matarazzo Scholarship, given to the year's most outstanding applicant. Cohen is a fourth-year graduate student at the University of California, Davis. His research focuses on elucidating the roles of the orbitofrontal cortex in reward-seeking behavior and decision-making processes as well as investigating how activity in this region is influenced by individual differences in personality and genetics.

  • Susan M. Kiene, a second-year social psychology and health psychology graduate student at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, received the $2,000 Clarence J. Rosecrans Scholarship for her research on HIV prevention and psychosocial predictors of HIV risk behavior.

  • Derek Evan Nee, a first-year psychology graduate student at the University of Michigan, received $2,000 for his research focusing on executive processes and working memory through the use of behavioral and neuroimaging techniques.

The following 10 students received $1,000 awards:

  • Andrea B. Burns is a fourth-year clinical psychology graduate student at Florida State University whose research interests include the biological and interpersonal causes and correlates of depression and related disorders, and gender differences in psychopathology.

  • Erik Chihhung Chang is a fourth-year Rice University graduate student whose research interests include human visual perception, visual attention and their interactions with saccadic eye movements.

  • Hsin-Chin Chen is a fourth-year cognitive psychology graduate student at Texas A&M University whose research interests include reading processes across different orthographies.

  • Kara Dyckman is a third-year cognitive/experimental psychology graduate student at the University of Georgia in Athens. Her research examines changes in behavior, and the corresponding changes in brain activity shown in brain imaging, following practice of a task.

  • Jessica Lord Bean is a fifth-year clinical psychology graduate student at the University of Connecticut, Storrs. Her research interests involve the neuropsychological and biological correlates of developmental disorders.

  • Qian Lu is a fifth-year psychology graduate student at the University of California, Los Angeles. Her research interests involve the health benefits of instructed writing, moderators and mediators of psychosocial interventions, and biopsychosocial mechanisms of health disparity.

  • Leh Woon Mok is a third-year cognitive and biological psychology graduate student at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Her research interests include investigating how human choice behaviors are mediated by outcome-specific expectancies and by different working memory processes, and the neural correlates of the different underlying working memory systems.

  • John V. Petrocelli is a social psychology graduate student at Indiana University in Bloomington. His research interests include investigating the role that counterfactual thinking plays in various reactions people have to general and specific events.

  • Michael Pitts is a behavioral neuroscience graduate student at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. His research interests include investigating chromatic perceptive fields and visual perception.

  • Erin Costanzo is a fifth-year clinical and health psychology graduate student at the University of Iowa. Her research interests include investigating distress among breast cancer patients following treatment and how patients' behavior and common sense beliefs about cancer influence psychological adjustment.

APF invites all graduate departments of psychology in good standing with COGDOP to nominate one or more candidates each year for these scholarships, which may be used by students to pay for research costs, travel to a scientific meeting, or books and supplies. For more information, visit the APA APF Web site.


Thanks to foundation donors

The American Psychological Foundation Board of Trustees and staff thank the contributors who have donated to the foundation in honor or in memory of individuals and institutions that have had a special personal or professional impact on their lives:

Sept. 1, 2004–Feb. 28, 2005

Jesse R. Aros, PhD
"In honor of Dr. Robert F. Morgan"

Mr. and Mrs. William Bevan, III
"In honor of Dr. William and Mrs. Dorothy Bevan"

Dr. Charles L. Brewer
"In honor of Cynthia Belar, PhD;" "In honor of Paul Nelson, PhD;" "In honor of Jill Reich, PhD"

Mr. L. Keith Cooke
"In honor of Juliet de Feline"

Ms. M. Marie Dent
"In honor of the marriage of Dr. Sylvia Shellenberger and Mr. Robert Paul"

Professor Henry and Mrs. Florence Ellis
"In honor of William Bevan, PhD;" "In honor of Henry L. Roediger, III, PhD"

Ms. Shelley L. Gerson
"In honor of the marriage of Dr. Sylvia Shellenberger and Mr. Robert Paul"

Dr. Harrison Gough
"In honor of George Domino, PhD;" "In honor of Wallace B. Hall, PhD, on his 90th birthday"

Mr. Craig W. and Mrs. Heather D. B. Gruber
"In honor of Dr. and Mrs. John W. Gruber"

Douglas C. Haldeman, PhD
"In honor of Maureen O'Brien;" "In honor of Judy Strassburger"

Osna Haller, PhD
"In honor of the New Jersey Psychological Association members and staff"

David K. Hogberg, PhD
"In honor of Michael H. Siegel, PhD"

Mrs. Felice Kaufman and Mr. Xavier Castellanos
"In honor of the marriage of Dr. Sylvia Shellenberger and Mr. Robert Paul"

Ronald F. Levant, EdD
"In honor of Lorraine Bray completing her PhD degree"

Dr. Stephen C. McConnell
"In honor of Ronald E. Fox, PhD, PsyD, mentor and friend"

J. Bruce Overmier, PhD
"In honor of the past presidents of IUPsyS: Michel Denis, Gery D'Ydewalle, Wayne Holtzman, Kurt Pawlik, and Mark Rosenzweig"

Dr. Carole A. Rayburn
"In honor of Harriet Aronson, PhD, for brilliant and superb mentoring skills;" "In honor of Robert Perloff, PhD, psychology ombudsman and valiant crusader for the good and true;" "For contributions to research honored are Janice Birk, PhD and Evelyn Perloff, PhD;" "For distinguished accomplishments in evaluation, assessments, and statistics honored are Richard Gorsuch, PhD and Peter Merenda, PhD;" "For continued superb leadership honored are Drs. Bonnie Strickland, Florence Denmark, Mary Reuder, Eileen Gavin, Asuncion Miteria Austria, Joan Chrisler, Henry Tomes, Bertha Holliday, Gwen Keita, Steve Handwerker, Lewis Lipsitt, Lillian Comas-Diaz, Aphrodite Clamar, Lee J. Richmond, John Robinson, Francis Terrell, Guerda Nicolas, Cyril and Violet Franks, and Nicholas Cummings"

Dr. John D. Robinson
"In honor of Dr. Asuncion Miteria Austria for her dedication to issues of diversity;" "In honor of Dr. Larry James"

Jeffrey H. Spector, PsyD
"In honor of Mark Seslin, PhD"

Dr. George Stricker
"In honor of Louis Primavera"

Dr. Virginia Theo-Steelman
"In honor of Mathilda B. Canter, PhD;" "In honor of Dorothy W. Cantor, PsyD"

Turrell Fund
"In honor of Mamie P. and Kenneth B. Clark"

Utah Psychological Association
"In honor of Morgan Sammons, PhD, for his efforts in expanding the scope of psychological practice to include prescriptive authority and in advancing the field of psychopharmacology among psychologists"

Sept. 1, 2004–Feb. 28, 2005

Dr. Alice A. Adams
"In memory of Dr. William Lemmon"

Dr. Ellen K. Baker
"In memory of Margaret Pribila, mother of Judy Strassburger;" "In memory of Fred Strassburger, PhD"

Laura H. Barbanel, EdD
"In memory of Fred Strassburger, PhD"

Dr. Ludy T. Benjamin
"In memory of Meredith Crawford, PhD"

Dr. Bruce E. Bennett
"In memory of Ralph C. Bennett and Marie R. Bennett"

Dr. Jeri Breiner
"In memory of Dr. Randy P. Gerson"

Adele M. Brodkin, PhD
"In memory of Helen H. Meyer"

Dr. Lawrence O. Brown
"In memory of Irene Janet Brown"

Robert A. Brown, PhD
"In memory of Irby H. and Ethel B. Brown"

Dorothy W. Cantor, PsyD
"In memory of Ron Dannenberg, beloved husband of Dr. Sandra Haber;" "In memory of Eleanor Long, beloved mother of Hon. Virginia Long;" "In memory of Everett Smith, beloved father of Gary Smith"

Dr. Frances M. Culbertson
"In memory of John Culbertson, PhD"

Dr. Henry P. and Mrs. Tema S. David
"In memory of Fred Strassburger, PhD"

Dr. Robert E. Erard
"In memory of Beth K. Clark, PhD"

Dr. Ronald E. and Mrs. Margaret Fox
"In memory of Fred Strassburger, PhD"

Mrs. Amy Garfield
"In memory of Sol Louis Garfield, PhD"

Drs. Kurt F. Geisinger and Janet F. Carlson
"In memory of Dr. Karl W. Geisinger"

Mrs. Evelyn L. Gerson
"In memory of Dr. Randy P. Gerson on the 9th anniversary of his death;" "In memory of Ruth Goldstein"

Mrs. Shelley L. Gerson
"In memory of Sarah Matisoff Gordon"

Dr. Joan M. Gerver
"In memory of Dr. Esther Menaker"

Gloria B. Gottsegen, PhD
"In memory of Fred Strassburger, PhD"

Lee Gurel, PhD
"In memory of Fred Strassburger, PhD"

Sandra S. Hoffman, PhD
"In memory of Dr. Randy P. Gerson"

Lisa L. Harlow, PhD
"In memory of Douglas N. Jackson, PhD"

Frances Degen Horowitz, PhD
"In memory of Boyd McCandless"

Dr. Manuel G. Howat
In memory of David A. Grant, PhD"

Louis P. James, PhD
"In memory of Peter and Malina James, my parents"

Dr. Florence Kaslow
"In memory of Theodore H. Blau, PhD"

Dr. Peggy Kleinplatz
"In memory of Zora Lee Hilton Smith, mother-in-law of Dr. Ronald E. Fox"

Gerald P. Koocher, PhD
"In memory of Fred Strassburger, PhD"

Glenn J. Larrabee, PhD
"In memory of John R. Schuck, PhD"

Laddie H. Lollar, PhD
"In memory of Adelia Moon Lollar"

Mr. Waldo B. Lyon
"In memory of Barry and Ellen Molish"

Bonnie Markham, PhD
"In memory of Elaine Schwartz, PhD"

Mr. Charles L. McKay
"In memory of Fred Strassburger, PhD"

Kathleen M. McNamara, PhD
"In memory of Fred Strassburger, PhD"

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Merck
"In memory of Edward R. Eagar, Jr., my father"

Dr. Peter Francis Merenda
"In memory of Douglas N. Jackson, PhD;" "In memory of David V. Tiedeman, PhD"

Patricia Mitchell, PsyD
"In memory of Dr. Kevin L. Moreland"

Bernard F. Natelson, PsyD
"In memory of Reuben R. Natelson, father"

Dr. Mary Ellen Olbrisch
"In memory of Dr. Timothy Jeffrey"

Mrs. Jane W. Page
"In memory of Dr. John F. Gillespie"

Drs. Robert and Evelyn Perloff
"In fond memory of Kenneth Schenkel"

G. Carl Pettinato, PhD
"In memory of Mary McCaulley, PhD, a wonderful psychologist and friend"

Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Elizabeth Poirier
"In memory of Dr. Jerry Clark"

Dr. Louis H. Primavera
"In memory of Dr. Virginia Staudt Sexton"

Dr. Elana U. Rauch
"In memory of Rabbi Robert Ungar"

Dr. Carole A. Rayburn
"In memory of Suzanne B. Sobel, PhD, a truly great person and a fantastic 'mover' for the good and beneficial in life;" "In memory of Dr. Fred Strassburger, a true scholar and a gentleman;" "In memory of David V. Tiedeman, PhD"

Robert J. Resnick, PhD
"In memory of Fred Strassburger, PhD"

Dr. Mary E. Reuder
"In memory of Dr. Marvin Iverson"

Dr. Henry L. Roediger, III
"In memory of Robert G. Crowder"

Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Grace Rothstein
"In memory of our son, Dr. Michael Paul Rothstein"

Dr. Donald K. and Mrs. Marion W. Routh
"In memory of Sol Garfield, PhD;" "In memory of Betty N. Gordon"

Kurt Salzinger, PhD
"In memory of B.F. Skinner, PhD"

Dr. William and Mrs. Geraldine Schofield
"In memory of Starke R. Hathaway"

Mr. Donald and Mrs. Carole Shellenberger
"In memory of Dr. Randy Gerson"

Dr. Milton Shore
"In memory of K. Patrick Okura;" "In memory of Suzanne Sobel, PhD"

Mrs. Judith Strassburger
"In memory of Fred Strassburger, PhD"

Bonnie R. Strickland, PhD
"In memory of Fred Strassburger, PhD"

Dr. Brian W. Sugden
"In memory of David Levine"

Dr. Richard W. Thoreson
"In memory of Robert Callis, PhD"

Dr. Lawrence S. Wrightsman, Jr.
"In memory of Anthony Smith"

Ronald D. Wynne, PhD
"In memory of Fr. John Stafford"

Note: APF makes every attempt to include all individuals who have made honor or memorial contributions to APF. Report any adjustments to APF at (202) 336-5622. To make an honor or memory contribution, include a note with your gift indicating the name of the person or institution in whose honor or memory the gift is being made. In addition, include the name and address of the person or persons to notify of your contribution. Print all information clearly. Mail contributions to Elizabeth Merck, APF, at the APA address.