May 2005 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 36 No. 5

May 2005 Monitor cover

APA's 2005 Annual Convention Aug. 18–21

Kid recieving a shot from a doctor


Only the lonely

New students who feel more alone respond less to the flu shot.

Key lock to a screen door


The supervisor as gatekeeper: Reflections on Ethical Standards 7.02, 7.04, 7.05, 7.06 and 10.01

'Gatekeeping' aspects of the supervisory role provide a helpful lens through which to explore the ethical dimensions of supervision.

Lie detector results


Mental stress wreaks physical havoc on workers

Researchers across disciplines find ever more evidence of a link between psychological stress and workers' heart problems.

Redirecting research dollars:Psychological science branches out

Large multidisciplinary collaborations are capturing the interest--and dollars--of federal funding sources.

Helping Red Lake heal

In the wake of the worst school shooting since 1999, psychologist Doug McDonald co-directed the mental health response team dispatched to the Red Lake Nation.

Psychology's educators review progress, set priorities

Psychologists in education discussed innovations in graduate training and attracting minority students, among other issues, at their midwinter meetings.

A Closer Look


Group dynamics

APA's Div. 49 aims to reconnect with its practice constituents and boost membership among up-and-comers.

Students wearing cap and gown in a room


Dynamic duos

Getting a dual degree or applying your degree to a second field can expand your perspective and opportunities, early-career experts say.

Husband hugging wife on bike


Experts in behavior

With the link between health and behavior gaining broad public acceptance, the 2005 State Leadership Conference focused on psychology's key role in realizing that link in today's health-care system.

The culture war myth

An SLC speaker argued that Republicans and Democrats agree more than they disagree, despite what the media would have us believe.

Document, document, document

A State Leadership Conference workshop offered guidance on becoming HIPAA Security Rule compliant.

Spreading the word about a new practice opportunity

Parenting coordinators help divorcing families--and the new niche helps expand psychology's reach.