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Moser is 2005 Husted Award Winner

Lorna Moser, a doctoral candidate in clinical rehabilitation psychology at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, has won the American Psychological Foundation (APF) 2005 Todd E. Husted Memorial Dissertation Award. The $1,000 award recognizes outstanding dissertation research with potential to improve mental health services for those with severe mental illnesses. The award is made possible through a gift from June Husted, PhD, whose son, Todd, died as a result of severe mental illness.

For her dissertation, Moser is studying the assertive community treatment program (ACT), which is a team treatment designed to provide comprehensive, community- based psychiatric treatment, rehabilitation and support to people with serious and persistent mental illness such as schizophrenia. Moser is testing the use of coercive interventions, such as varied levels of provider assertiveness, by teams modeling the ACT program.

Moser's research interests stem from her clinical experience working as an ACT case manager and research experience working as an implementation monitor for the ACT Center of Indiana and the National Implementing Evidence-Based Practices Project, coordinated by the New Hampshire-Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center.

Apply for neuropsychology scholarship

APF and Div. 40 (Clinical Neuropsy- chology) seek applications for the Arthur Benton and Manfred Meier Neuro-psychology Scholarships. Each $2,500 grant goes to a graduate student who shows promise or achievement in their scholarly and research activity. Students must also demonstrate financial need.

Applicants should submit a letter documenting their accomplishments, financial need and proposed use of the scholarship. The letter should be co-signed by a faculty mentor or director of training who has certified the accuracy of the student's presented information. Seven copies should be sent to: Benton and Meier Scholarships, APF, at the APA address. All applications must be received by June 1. For more information, visit Benton and Meier Scholarships.

APF offers $20,000 in violence prevention grants

APF invites proposals for research-based programs on violence prevention and intervention. Applicants may request up to $20,000. With the grant, the APF Board of Trustees hopes to:

  • Encourage the application of psychological science to understanding and preventing violence.

  • Support innovative community programs designed to prevent violence in social settings.

  • Provide seed money for promising interventions proposed by community-based organizations or provide funding for established, successful community programs.

Applicants must be psychologists with a doctoral degree who are involved with a research-based program related to violence prevention. APF will give special consideration to programs with a strong research foundation and those that have, or show promise for, broad-based community support. The submission deadline is June 1. For more information and complete application guidelines, visit Violence Prevention or call (202) 336-5814.

-compiled by E. Merck, I. Ramos, S. Reedy and E. Packard

Special thanks to APF donors

The American Psychological Foundation Board of Trustees and staff thank the contributors who have donated to the foundation in honor or in memory of individuals and institutions that have had a special personal or professional impact on their lives:

Aug. 16-Jan. 31, 2006

Dr. Joan S. Anderson
"In honor of Margaret S. Baggett, PhD"

"In appreciation of all the talents and accomplishments of Dorothy W. Cantor, PsyD"

Dr. Barry S. Anton
"In honor of Dr. Jeffrey Barnett"; "In honor of Dr. Sandy Shullman"

Dr. Ellen K. Baker
"In honor of Dr. Mathilda B. Canter, recently recognized as the First Lady of Arizona Psychology"

Mr. and Mrs. William Bevan III
"In honor of Dr. William Bevan and Mrs. Dorothy C. Bevan"

Dr. Elaine and Mr. Dewey Bow
"In honor of Florence Denmark, PhD"

Dr. Charles and Mrs. Marjorie S. Brewer
"In honor of Dr. Diane Halpern"; "In honor of Dr. Robert Sternberg"; "In honor of Dr. Philip Zimbardo"

Robert A. Brown, PhD
"In honor of Dorothy W. Cantor, PsyD"

Dr. Irene M. Deitch
"In honor of Dr. Helen Strauss on her 90th birthday (90 years young!)"

Professor Henry and Mrs. Florence Ellis
"In honor of Dr. William Bevan"; "In honor of Dr. Henry Roediger III"

Ms. Sharon S. Ellis
"In honor of Shana M. Hawkins"

Dr. Harrison Gough
"In honor of Professor Alfred B. Heilbrun Jr."

Douglas C. Haldeman, PhD
"In honor of Dr. Henry Tomes, in gratitude for his mentorship and contributions to the profession"

Ms. Sheri Lynne Hoffman
"In honor of Elizabeth Merck-happy anniversary to you and Josh"

Robert A. Horwitz, PhD
"In honor of Daniel Abrahamson, PhD"

Louis P. James, PhD
"In honor of Hubert C. Huebl, MD, among our finest surgeons"

Dr. Dorothy Kagehiro
"In celebration of James M. Jones, PhD"

Gerald P. Koocher, PhD
"In honor of Dorothy W. Cantor, PsyD"

Drs. Janet and Lee Matthews
"In honor of Dr. Mathilda B. Canter"; "In honor of Dr. Lynn T. Pantano"

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Merck
"In honor of Bettina Hoeppner. Congrats on your NIH Fellowship!"

Ms. Patricia K. Mohr
"In honor of Patrizia Modes"

Dr. George A. Morgan
"In honor of Felix E. Goodson"

Dr. Judy Ratner and Mr. Ken Geller
"In honor of Larry Bilker"

Dr. John D. Robinson
"In honor of Dr. Rona Fields and Dr. Carole Rayburn for their generous support to DCPA"

Dr. Henry L. Roediger III
"In honor of Robert J. Sternberg, PhD"

Dr. Anita O. Solomon
"In honor of Dr. Carole Rayburn's birthday"; "In honor of Dr. Phyllus Burson's birthday"; "In honor of Dr. Irene Vogel's birth day"; "In honor of Dr. Maurine Kelly's birthday"

Jeffrey H. Spector, PsyD
"In honor of Helen Strauss, PhD"

Ms. Elisabeth R. Straus
"In appreciation of Elizabeth Merck for her dedication to APF and her unflagging work ethic over this past year"

Melba Vasquez, PhD
"In honor of Dr. James Jones"; "In honor of Dr. Henry Tomes"

Aug. 16-Jan. 31, 2006

Div. 55 (American Society for the Advancement of Pharmacotherapy)
"In memory of the life of Margaret Fox"

Div. 31 (Division of State, Provincial and Territorial Psychological Association Affairs)
"In memory of Richard Henry Kelly Sr."; "In memory of Patsy Ann Thomas Hilldebrandt"

Jeffrey E. Barnett, PsyD
"In memory of Timothy B. Jeffrey"

Dr. Herbert M. Barrett
"In memory of Dr. Leopold Caligor"

Mrs. Norma Benimoff
"In memory of Murray Benimoff"

Dr. Philip E. Berghausen Jr.
"In memory of Bruce G. Woolpert"

Dr. Lawrence O. Brown
"In memory of Dr. Anne Levine"

Dr. Ronald T. Brown
"In memory of Raymond K. Mulhern"

Linda F. Campbell, PhD
"In memory of Margaret Fox, wife of Dr. Ron Fox"; "In memory of Abigail Rozensky, mother of Dr. Ron Rozensky"; "In memory of Charles Wolf, father of Dr. Abraham Wolf"

Dorothy W. Cantor, PsyD
"In memory of Alan Fox's beloved mother, Ada Fox"; "In memory of Herbert Markham, beloved father of Dr. Bonnie Markham"

Dr. Christine Courtois
"In memory of Normand Courtois"

Dr. Jessica H. Daniel
"In memory of Kenneth Clark"

Drs. Florence Denmark and Robert Wesner
"In memory of Greg Hinrichsen's mother"

Dr. Susanna Feder
"In memory of Carol Zizmor Feder"

Drs. Seymour and Norma D. Feshbach
"In memory of Jonathan Bloom-Feshbach"

Drs. Kurt F. Geisinger and Janet F. Carlson
"In memory of Karl W. Geisinger"

Mrs. Evelyn L. Gerson
"In memory of Randy P. Gerson, who died 10 years ago"

Dr. Alyce M. Gligor
"In memory of Violet Mapp"

Dr. Albert E. Goss
"In memory of Theodore Roosevelt Vallance"

Lee Gurel, PhD
"In memory of Dr. David S. Goodenough"

Dr. Norma J. Hart
"In loving memory of Professor Bernard Kalinkowitz"

Dr. Jeffery A. Harvey
"In memory of Dr. Samuel Turner"

Robert D. Hendricks, PhD
"In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Dean L. Hendricks"

Frances Degen Horowitz, PhD
"In memory of Sheldon 'Shep' White"

Steven E. James, PhD
"In memory of Dr. Philip Levinson"

Dr. James J. Jenkins
"In memory of Wallace A. Russell"

Dr. Peggy Kleinplatz
"In memory of Mr. Lancing Hays's late mother"

Glenn J. Larrabee, PhD
"In memory of John R. Schuck, PhD"

Bonnie Markham, PhD
"In memory of Herbert M. Markham, Esq."

Mr. Charles L. McKay
"In memory of Margaret Fox"

James M. McMahon, PhD
"In memory of Joseph Caruso"; "In memory of Donald Milman, PhD"

Dr. Peter Francis Merenda
"In memory of Julian C. Stanley, PhD"

Dr. Jeffery S. Mio
"In memory of Mamie P. and Kenneth B. Clark"

Dr. George A. Morgan
"In memory of Melvin H. Marx"

Bernard F. Natelson, PsyD
"In memory of Reuben R. Natelson"

Paul D. Nelson, PhD
"In memory of Ivan Mensh"; "In memory of Sam Turner"

Dr. Edmund J. Nightingale
"In memory of Marie Nightingale"

Dr. Mary Ellen Olbrisch
"In memory of Dr. Timothy Jeffrey"

Drs. Robert and Evelyn Perloff
"In enduring memory of William A. Owens Jr., a supremely kind, gentle and decent person. What's more, Bill Owens was an iconic I/O psychologist and a beloved and valued mentor for countless students and colleagues."

Dr. Herbert C. Quay
"In memory of Jeffrey A. Gray"

Dr. Elana U. Rauch
"In memory of Rabbi Robert Ungar"

Dr. Pamela T. Reid
"In memory of Dr. Carolyn Payton"

Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Resnick
"In memory of Ada Fox"

Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Grace Rothstein
"In memory of Dr. Michael Paul Rothstein"

Dr. Donald K. and Mrs. Marion Routh
"In memory of Urie Bronfenbrenner"; "In memory of Peter D. Eimas"; "In memory of Neil Jacobson"; "In memory of Gregory Kimble"

Kurt Salzinger, PhD
"In memory of Joseph Zubin"

Mr. Donald and Mrs. Carole H. Shellenberger
"In memory of Dr. Randy Gerson"

Dr. Anita O. Solomon
"In memory of Dr. S. Norman Feingold"

Robert J. Sternberg, PhD
"In memory of Robert Solso"

Dr. Brian W. Sugden
"In memory of Dr. David Levine"

Michael Sullivan, PhD
"In memory of Dr. David Post"

Holly Sweet, PhD
"In memory of Shirley Glass"

Melba Vasquez, PhD
"In memory of Mamie P. and Kenneth B. Clark"

Dr. Althea M. Wagman
"In memory of Stanley Williams"

Jack G. Wiggins, PhD
"In memory of Margaret Fox"

Note: APF makes every attempt to include all individuals who have made honor or memorial contributions to APF. Report any adjustments to APF at (202) 336-5622. To make an honor or memory contribution, include a note with your gift indicating the name of the person or institution in whose honor or memory the gift is being made. In addition, include the name and address of the person to notify of your contribution. Print all information clearly. Mail contributions to APF, at the APA address.