In Brief

Publishing research of practical use to psychologists who train psychologists-supervisors during practicum, internship and postdoctoral training-will be the focus of a new journal scheduled for publication next year.

The quarterly journal Training and Education in Professional Psychology is the result of a co-publishing venture between APA and the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC).

Founding editor Emil Rodolfa, PhD, says APA and APPIC identified the need for such a journal about four years ago.

An existing APA journal, Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, publishes articles about education and training, but it emphasizes issues more of interest to practicing psychologists, says Rodolfa, creating the need for a journal dedicated to training and education.

A former chair of APPIC and director of the University of California, Davis's psychology training program for 14 years, Rodolfa says the journal will meet the need for research on best practices in effectively supervising students transitioning from academia to real-world practice with clients.

Contributors will need to translate their research results into user-friendly articles that supervisors can apply to their training programs, Rodolfa says.

For example, he adds, authors should consider, "What does the research really mean for training? What are the author's ideas about how training programs can use this research?"

Besides effective supervising, the journal will publish research on:

  • Ethical and legal issues in training, and boundary issues.

  • Instructional technologies.• Recruitment and selection methods.

  • Marketplace factors and job opportunities for newly trained psychologists.

  • Measuring competency, in terms of a student's skills and knowledge demonstrated in working with clients at different stages of training.

In turn, the journal can tackle the issue of what competencies supervisors should be able to demonstrate, says Carol Williams-Nickelson, PsyD, associate executive director of the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students.

Williams-Nickelson points out that the supervisors of practicum and internship programs are not required to demonstrate their proficiency at supervising or take continuing-education courses on the latest developments in supervision.

"I think the journal can definitely fill a void in determining what those competencies are," she says.

A sample issue should be ready for APA's 2006 Annual Convention in August, and authors interested in submitting manuscripts for the first issue of the journal early next year should follow the instructions in the submission portal at

-C. Munsey