In Brief

In February, iParenting Media, a parenting information Web site, presented two APA children's books with its iParenting Media Award. The same month, Learning Magazine presented a Teachers' Choice Award to an APA parenting book.

The iParenting Media award winners, "Don't Squeal Unless It's a Big Deal: A Tale of Tattletales," by elementary school counselor Jeanie Franz Ransom, and "Big Sister Now: A Story About Me and Our New Baby," by Annette Sheldon, are published by Magination Press, an APA imprint. Magination Press books provide information and strategies to help children understand their feelings and cope with difficult situations, says Darcie Johnston, Magination Press managing editor. The books also include a comprehensive note to teachers and parents written by a psychologist.

"The note distinguishes our books by providing a tool to help parents and teachers help their children," Johnston adds.

The iParenting Media Awards are the only consumer awards program certified by the International Organization for Standardization, an international nongovernmental network that develops recognized standards of quality assurance. As such, the awards signify that the books provide a quality, engaging educational experience, Johnston says.

Learning Magazine recognized the book "Rewards for Kids!" which is published by APA LifeTools, an APA imprint whose books help the public find advice based on psychologists' expertise, Johnston says. The Teachers' Choice Awards are annually presented to 12 books to honor innovative or outstanding books.

"Rewards for Kids!" offers parents and teachers a variety of child-friendly sticker charts and other tools to help children improve their behavior. Written by psychologist Virginia Shiller, PhD, of Yale University, the book uses positive-parenting methods to help children overcome such common problems as procrastinating at bedtime, refusing to do chores, fighting with siblings and refusing to do homework.

-Z. Stambor