APA has partnered with Chase Education Finance to provide APA members and their families with a comprehensive suite of education finance products and services. The Student Loan Consolidation Program and Education Loan Marketplace provide tools and custom resources to help members and their families solve the puzzle of paying for and managing the cost of higher education.

The program benefits include:

  • Interest rate reductions (best-of-class borrower benefits). Rate reductions are .6 percent for students in their loan "grace period"; .25 percent for graduates who make payments electronically; and 1 percent for graduates with $7,500 of loans or more and 36 months of on-time payments.

  •  Lock-in low fixed rates for the life of the loan through loan consolidation.

  • Lower debt-to-income ratio through loan consolidation.

  • Customized repayment plans.

  • Deferment options.

  • Benefits that offer further interest-rate reductions.

Further Reading

For more information on your member benefits and to take advantage of this new program, visit the Member page.