In Brief

This month's issue of Psychological Bulletin is a special collection of papers addressing "Psychology in the 21st century," exploring a broad range of basic psychological processes, including issues related to positive adjustment and psychopathology. For each subject area, the authors offer their insights into what psychology knows, hopes to learn and what issues will be of central importance in the future.

"The articles in this issue offer compelling examples of behavioral research that integrates theory and methods within and outside of psychology," note editors Nancy Eisenberg, PhD, Lynn C. Robertson, PhD, and Kenneth J. Sher, PhD. "Whereas much of the 20th century was a period of division and segregation of intellectual interests, the 21st century promises to be one of convergence and integration."

The papers that appear in the November issue include:

  • "DNA," by Robert Plomin, PhD, Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London, and John Crabbe, PhD, Oregon Health Sciences University.

  • "Multi-level integrative analyses of human behavior: Social neuroscience and the complimenting nature of social and biological approaches," by John T. Cacioppo, PhD, University of Chicago, et al.

  • "The relationship context of human behavior and development," by Harry T. Reis, PhD, University of Rochester; W. Andrew Collins, PhD, University of Minnesota; and Ellen Berscheid, PhD, University of Minnesota.

  • "Cognitive neuroscience: Origins and promise," by Michael Posner, PhD, Weill Medical College of Cornell University and Gregory DiGirolamo, PhD, University of Illinois.

  • "Emotion, plasticity, context and regulation: Perspectives from affective neuroscience," by Richard J. Davidson, PhD, University of Wisconsin; Daren C. Jackson, University of Wisconsin; and Ned H. Kalin, MD, University of Wisconsin.

  • "Choice and the relative pleasure of consequences," by Barbara A. Mellers, PhD, Ohio State University.

  • "Beyond behaviorism: On the determinism of higher mental processes," by John A. Bargh, PhD, New York University, and Melissa J. Ferguson, New York University.

  • "Toward DSM-V and the classification of psychopathology," by Thomas A. Widiger, PhD, University of Kentucky, and Lee Ann Clark, PhD, University of Iowa.

  • "Research on psychotherapy efficacy and effectiveness: Between Scylla and Charybdis?" by Peter E. Nathan, PhD, University of Iowa; Scott P. Stuart, MD, University of Iowa and Sara L. Dolan, University of Iowa.