• Within an hour of the initial attack, APA Disaster Response Network (DRN) staff receive contact from the American Red Cross national headquarters disaster mental health services staff regarding the incidents and initial response efforts.

  • As early as 9:30 a.m., APA DRN members in New York City report to the Red Cross Manhattan headquarters. Members help set up the disaster response center, where psychologists are available to offer support to co-workers and family of missing World Trade Center employees and assistance to rescue personnel.

  • At 9:45 a.m., APA's Office of Public Affairs receives its first of 160 calls asking for experts to talk about the psychological ramifications of the attacks.

  • At noon, DRN Advisory Committee members meet by conference call to discuss incidents and APA's initial response efforts.

  • Throughout the day, Red Cross Disaster Operation Centers are set up at the Pentagon, Dulles Airport, Logan Airport in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and in western Pennsylvania. APA DRN members staffed those locations.

  • At 4 p.m., DRN Advisory Committee members and APA Public Education Campaign coordinators discuss the development of print and electronic materials for psychologists to use in talking with children about the terrorist attacks.

  • APA sends to DRN coordinators nationwide Red Cross information on how to respond to the attacks.

  • Psychologists nationwide contact APA to volunteer their help and to ask for guidance in providing assistance to others in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks.

Wednesday, Sept. 12

  • DRN members continue to report to their local Red Cross chapters to help.

  • A package of materials on ways psychologists can help in the aftermath of the attacks goes out on various practitioner listservs and to State Public Education Campaign Coordinators and State DRN Coordinators.

  • APA develops "Coping with Terrorism" brochure.

Thursday, Sept. 13

  • APA posts guidelines for practitioners who are interested in hosting youth forums about the attacks on its Web Site.

  • APA adds a new section on the trauma of terrorism to the APA Help Center (www.helping.apa.org). The materials feature "Coping with Terrorism" and several additional materials to assist the public.

  • AOL homepage runs a direct link to APA's "Coping with Terrorism" on www.helping.apa.org.

Friday, Sept. 14

  • A cadre of disaster-trained psychologists are recruited to assist Capitol Hill staff in coping with the recent terrorist attacks.

  • MTV broadcasted the online link on television and posted the link on MTV's Web site.