APA's Advisory Committee on Colleague Assistance has developed a fact sheet focused on professional health and well-being in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks. The fact sheet is available on the APA Advisory Committee on Colleague Assistance Web site.

  •  Be aware of your own physical and emotional vulnerabilities.

  • Maintain healthy sleep, exercise and nutritional habits.

  • Take advantage of massage, acupuncture or other services.

  • Avoid taking on too much.

  • Increase self-monitoring by sharing your reactions with peers or supervisors.

  • Focus on relationships with family and friends.

  • Connect with your community.

  • Attend to spiritual needs.

  • Find balance through hobbies and other activities.

  • Write and talk about your experiences.

  • Pursue your own therapy if necessary.

"After listening to clients talk about the attacks all day, we end up with residual emotion that needs to be sorted out," says ACCA Chair Michael O'Connor. "ACCA put the fact sheet together so that practitioners could better understand their own reactions and be on the lookout for problems."

Geoff Reed, PhD, the APA Practice Directorate's assistant executive director for professional development, adds that the fact sheet is intended to help practitioners bolster their resilience in light of emotional challenges stemming from the terrorist attacks. "By mastering these challenges, practitioners remain in a good position to help their clients with their own psychological struggles," Reed says.