November 2002 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 33 No. 10

November 2002 Monitor cover

News from APA's Annual Convention

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Now that's dedication for you

Several APA Annual Convention events honored APA's retiring CEO Raymond D. Fowler.

Why and how normal people go mad

The real cause of 'mad' behavior is often overlooked by patients and therapists.

Why we don't pick good quarterbacks

By favoring 'natural' ability and potential over past efforts and results, we often choose the worst candidates for our most key posts, Malcolm Gladwell told psychologists.

A ticking clock means a creativity drop

Time pressure quashes creativity because it limits people's freedom to ponder different options and directions.

The perils of going solo

Social rejection has a host of behavioral consequences, none of them good.

Investing in social capital

To reverse a decades-long decline in civic involvement, shared tragedy is not enough.

Cults of hatred

Panelists at a convention session on hatred asked APA to form a task force to investigate mind control among destructive cults.

'HIV needs psychology'

Psychologist Thomas Coates spells out why psychologists should enlist in the war against AIDS.

Science-based program curbs violence in kids

Developmental scientists have research-based interventions that help violent children, but they cost money and take time.

The synaptic self

Without synaptic plasticity, learning--and the self--would be impossible.

Thriving on complexity

Environmental complexity boosts the brain's production of new neurons, said Elizabeth Gould.

Dissolving myths about human nature

Steven Pinker discussed his theory on why our beliefs about human nature often seem to conflict with modern science.

Reducing student belief in the paranormal

Richard Miller offered insights on helping students become more critical thinkers.

Classes are a social affair

Teachers and students provide living examples of classic social phenomena.

Expanding psychologists' work in schools

A preconvention program offered insights for psychologists who want to take on larger roles in schools.

Open your mind to mentoring

Experts offer tips on how to be a better mentor.

Taking it to the fleet

Navy psychologists are proof positive that psychologists make a difference in the military's readiness.

Diversity in action

A new psychology initiative helps communities bridge racial and cultural differences.

Trends, tools and technologies in practice

The Practice Directorate Town Hall meeting updated attendees on important issues in the field and unveiled new products.

Fusing mental health and health

Former APA President Norine G. Johnson proposes five ways to get there.

True confessions

Five leading psychotherapists talk about what really attracted them to the field.